Thursday, November 19, 2009

Kana sama's "SURPRISE" birthday celebration ;)

Belated birthday party / outing.

Mastermind = fallenone.  I remember he told me about the present months before.  But the plan for this party was quite last minute hehehe.  With the help from cubex of coz to gather CSPians.  A total of 20 people came.

The idea was to sign a card and give the present.  Who knows Nic added a cake? XD

Phew~ thank gawd I got the cake right hehe~ Everyone likes chocolate!

The plan:

Everyone gather before 7:30pm to sign the card.  I was rushing to it coz I had to send my sis home first and shower etc.

Location:  Upperstar Damai  (my first time there hehe).

Outdoor (more than 5 tables combined?).  Oh the lightning effects very nice but not farnie to be sitting outside.  Scary.

I had Spaghetti Bolognese.  A lot of sauce.  Nice.

Watermelon juice was too sweet.  I mean seriously sweet @_@"""

And I'm not the only one with the sweet drink.  *sweat.

By 9pm, bring out the surprise cake! XD

 Group photo :)

Random shot.

We orz to kana sama @_@

More photos, here.

FUN FUN! XD everyone left and went to watch 2012 while some of us stayed back till 11pm yamchar ;)

Note: sorry for this fast post, need to sleep.


  1. choco cake i love it...wahhhhh..happy birthday too even i don't know her/him...hehehhe

  2. @Aj: kana sama = she XD

  3. mastermind??? lolz I believe everyone who attended last night were also masterminds XD pass mas pass mas pass mas~~

    A BIG thank you to all CSPians for being able to make it!

    And also to Kana - Happy belated birthday and congrats on catching the Wedding Bouquet =)

  4. @Nic: cis. no pass pass XP *karate

  5. i lurv the grille lamb there... very sedap o... haha!

  6. @henry: wah, wanted to try one of those chops but I wasn't that hungry last nite. Maybe next time can try XD

  7. Wah, a surprise birthday party, I don't think I ever had one and now I'm too old for surprises ... LOL!

  8. @Nick: It's never too late. You just need tons of ppl to organize one for you hehehe.

  9. happy belated birthday kana sama! :)

  10. orz, a HE lolololz, do i look dat manly? XD;;;

    thankies you all for this lovely surprise~ i did feel something fishy about this, but i still got surprised and touched ;_; u all being really too nice to a notworthy me~~ thank yoouuuuu!!!

  11. @ling ling: ;)

    @kana sama: LOL oh nois @_@ kana sama not manly at all orz.

    *smacks aj!

    Nooooooooooo we're not worthy. orz at kana sama.

  12. @Kana-sama - you don't have to be worthy to be a part of the CSP family =)

    I would like to thank bex and mas for helping with the MASS-PM in the forum and for gathering everyone for the party. Couldn't have done it myself XD

    And thanks to all who turned up and made it successful party!

    @bex - Yup bex, SUCCESS!!

    Too much chocolate moist cake... need some rest...

  13. @Nic: wakakakakak XD makan jua ko tu chocolate cake ;)