Friday, November 06, 2009

The Chicken Incident

For those who knew about this (refresh memory), I plurk-ed about this last 26th October 2009.

Lets start from the beginning.

On 26th October 2009, I received an sms from my sis about how her colleague found a slaughtered half dead chicken (with blood on the floor) at the entrance of their office.  Didn't know what to do, they called the police and reported the incident.  The police came slightly after and found footage for the incident caught on a cctv from the shop next door.

From wut I heard from my sis, lemme see if I could remember the story correctly.  The police and the colleague watch the recorded video saw an old car "cruising" around the parking lot till on the third (3rd) round, they pulled over.  A man came out of the car, look around, slaughtered the poor chicken and threw it into the main entrance of the office and left.  Now what that fellow didn't know, the cctv was just right on top of his head (I lol-ed hard when I hear this part).  Funny idiot.  Too bad I didn't manage to get the footage, it'd be listed as "retard caught on camera in Sabah".

But, uh oh, this is fun.  I got photos of the half dead chicken :) hehehe.  I'll just post 3 of them, so....

Read em warnings before clicking em aight..

Not suitable for the "weak".


Click at your own risk!

Poor chicken, still alive when they found em.  Oh yeah, my sis said when the police came, the chicken was still standing looking straight at em.  LOL.  Farnie.

Hmm, what puzzles is nobody from that company knows why the culprit did this.  Hmm.  Is this a ritual to perform a curse?  No idea.  But it's seriously farnie.

Till my next post.  Sorry if I spoiled anyone's appetite. 

Chicken for dinner? Any takers?

Oh and I'm not sure if they caught the culprit yet.

I sucked at telling stories LOL.


  1. wah.. why do that..
    is there a motive??

  2. @kenwooi: nobody knows. Maybe salah opis? LOL

    @Dazeree: Yar, but farnie oh, if only I have the video.

  3. moggies10:02 PM

    We suspect they maybe buta huruf kot, cctv pun kenot see..let alone signage..that place banyak lubang naik tangga without company name.. side by side lagituh. We often get mails that is actually for kedai sebelah or kedai nearby, how can they tell? it's a mystery. lepas the two police came, they 'surveyed' the area and 4 hari berturut-turun kempen tangkap pti

    *fate of the chicken: pekerja sebelah that was doing renovation said he wants to makan the chicken.

  4. @moggies: hahahahahaha the chicken didn't go to waste ;)

  5. Anonymous10:48 PM

    1/2 the job done for making chicken soup. 1/4 is buying a chicken... 2/4 is killing it... memang sedap la free chicken.

  6. oww..kesiannya the chicken..

  7. @kent chan: LOL free fewd, sepa inda mo.

    @mama mia: yeah, I thought of that too.

  8. mau bikin chicken soup pun tida berani owh..silap2 perut kembung mcm org pregnant.

  9. kk people is getting sicker & sicker with these kind of things happening.

    last week , my friend neighbouring office suffer same fate, but worse than this, got ppl throw stomach content of animal infront all over door & floor...with a pig head hanging on the doorknob. the weird part is.....that particular office is not even being sold/rented out yet....its a brand new company/individual is occupying it.

    some people in kk are really psycho *_*

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  11. O.o i wonder if your sis boss got own ahlong or not haha, just joking anyway ask your sister becareful la. dangerous cause got ppl throw chicken o. from my experience from darkside maybe they are warning or something. =]

  12. @chegu: yar, inda kena sembelih butul butul tu @_@

    @Nova: WTH @_@ they do that suka suka ka? conpius aku.

    @berryling: We wondered the same thing but her bos said he dun have those ah..confuse oso ;)

  13. mas, i really am not joking right now but that chicken is making me hungry now... hahaha~

  14. Aiyaa, why never take the chicken and make chicken curry la? LOL!

  15. @henry: WHAT?! that chicken make u hungry? @_@"""

    @Nick: my sis said they donated it to the workers from next door LOL

  16. Anonymous8:48 PM

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  17. Curse that culprit. Chicken killer!

  18. @cicak: sabar ging ;)

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  20. Either these people are sick.. or maybe they did something at that place.. so the penjaga building (err ghost) haunts and kacau them... soooo... they had to make a chicken sacrifice to feed the penjaga. Same with the unoccupied shop... they are feeding the spirits for some purpose? So that tidak kena kacau or whatever yang relevant la. Who knows this is the case kan? (errr terlampau berimaginasi pula saya) Suru Bobohizan la investigate.. they'll get answers asap I guess... ;-p

    I say this because last time while I was in college, the construction of this building next to my college had been going on for months and months... the pilling works never finished.. then one day... the engineers performed a ritual with chinese bendera la, chinese gongs la, Sami from the temple la praying la, some chickens slaughtered la... then I noticed a few weeks after that baru la can see the progression of the building being carried out smoothly. Which to this day stands a prestigious bank.

  21. Dui, kesian tu ayam... dia tidak bersalah oh :*( RIP ayam!!

  22. @JOLiE: wuish ganas jua sampai gitu @_@ scary.

    @Nessa: I pity the chicken too. Inda bersalah ni. Tapi kena jadi mangsa.