Saturday, November 28, 2009

Halal Dim Sum

We know for a fact that most of the Dim Sum places in KK are non-halal.  I only know certain place that sells halal dim sum and this includes this place that my brother told me about near the Inanam Bus Terminal, is a place called Wan Malaysia (corner shop).  There used to be a halal dim sum place at Kolombong Giant fewd court, but I don't know what happen to it.

Today, my bro decides to bring mum and tag along massy to that mentioned dim sum place.

Oh yeah, parking could sometimes be a problem during working hours.

What's on the menu?  Seven (7) types of chicken-based dim sum.  Yeap, no seafood.

The seven includes, chicken feet (kai kiok).  It's selling at RM3 each.

Here's what we had.

Shark Fin

Chicken Feet (Kai Kiok)

 Lion head


Chicken Shu Mai

There's two (2) other which is curry dumpling and steamed chicken which is not available today.

There's other fewd that served there, like nasi lemak, fishball noodles, kon lou mien, friend meehoon, fried rice and etc. Maybe I'll try those some other time. I'm stuffed~ *burps.

Check out the raves, here.

Oh yeah, I've updated my other blog with figurine post.  Click here.

Happy weekend!


  1. Hahaha.. I was from there this morning for brekkie with me bros. Second visit - 1st one was a mere coincidence as the workshop we were suppose to go blum buka..

  2. halal dim sum... not bad hor... wonder if there's gonna be halal bak kut teh in future too.. LOL

  3. @The Explorer: I went there slightly noon and it was my 1st time there, not bad la ;)

    @Henry: got chikuteh ;)

  4. How come I never saw this shop before... hmm. Maybe I'll go there soon. And btw, dim sum is not a dim sum if it's not halal! muahahaaha

  5. @Arms: LOL lotsa seafood and non halal dim sum around XD tell me any if you know any XD kekeke

  6. I haven't eaten Dim Sum in ages. You make me feel like going and having some now :D

  7. ooh ooh new place to eat again...thanx massy for the rave!! *can't wait to go* :D

  8. @Amy C: Hehehehhe, I hope I can find more dim sum. This one only have 7 types. Inda sukup.

  9. Sounds like my kind of place, since I don't eat pork at all. :-)

  10. @Dan: it's all chicken ;)

  11. wah... wanna go 4 food testing la ni. :)

  12. @Dazeree: hehehehe, yeah go go ;)

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