Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free body analysis

It's been at the park for quite some time.  I mean the free body analysis banner.  I got curious.  Who knows my body fat % is off the chart right?  I always wanted to go and check but I'm either too focus with my scheduled run or I don't have friend to go with me.  Today was a different story.

After my failed run today, I think I ate something I shouldn't the pain came back after I went to fix it yesterday. It's so frustrating.  My rib felt like it's being crushed when I walk.  I'm back to no laughing and coughing.  I had to end my run before I could reach 4km.  Meet up with my friend and walk with her for 30 mins.  Mind you, that walk wasn't pleasant.  I was groaning all the way, trying to adjust my body so I won't feel it.  But I was complaining the twitch that I wanted somebody to break/kick me so it'll somehow fix it.  It's so annoying, it's driving me nuts.

Going to get it check again tomorrow.

The weight loss journey

I was browsing through some old photos in my facebook album and found this.

Le fat meh :(

New Year of 2009 with Sakuya.  Holy shit! Look at those arm.  WARGH so fat oh me.

Holy shit!  I was overweight back then.  Like over 60kg.

Back then, I was wearing baggy shirt with baggy jeans.  I think I was wearing a US or was it UK size 14.  XL all the way.  *sweat.  No self confidence.  I'm very aware of my body shape and I do not like to show my fat.  I'm not like people who can work their fats when they wear tight clothes.  I hate the way I look most of the time.

Vaguely remembers the actual date when I started jogging.  But I remember it was the time when my bro got dump by his gf (best days of my life) and we were driven to lose weight that time.  It was some time around mid of 2010.  This post shows that after 3 months, I lost 10kg, well roughly. Click here.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday 25/03/2012

Here's what happen yesterday.

It's been almost a month that I am smartphoneless.  It's so hard cause I love taking photos and stuff but unable to do so.  It's killing me.  Le sad.  I think I called the service centre like a couple of times but they told me that they try to rush it so I can get it this Thursday.  Not happy.  I wanted to get a new phone but no budget for it.  I'm sort of saving money for an apartment.

Slept around midnight the night before, woke up 3am for my 5am run.  16.09km scheduled run.  My sides were still in pain but I refuse to give up.  Ran with Daniel.  Just the two (2) of us.  Everyone else couldn't make it.  Unable to maintain my pace, stomach ache and the strain near my left rib were too great, tried to pick up the pace but I end up finishing it in more than 2 hours.  That's for going too fast the day before.  I had an 8.05km run on Saturday and that went great.  I did a 6:11 mins pace for that.  *slow clapping at self.

Daniel's Surprise Birthday 2012

I always get nervous when I plan a surprise party for him.
  1. The where, when and how - cause he can smell it coming from miles away.  Especially when it comes from me.
  2. Present - there's a limitation to what I can get for him.
  3. I sometimes run out of ideas what to write on the cake.
But, with the help from my circle of friends, I manage to pull something.

This year, I initially wanted to just treat him for dinner somewhere he never been and just got him a present, and with the ongoing training for my first full marathon this year, I feel kind of tired to plan one but in the end decided to just go with it.  Discuss it with my chee mui.  Plan to do it at Seven Sea Restaurant but went to that place too often recently.  Sakuya suggested we do at Fullhouse Lifestyle Store & Cafe at Suria Sabah, besides, he haven't been there yet.  *chuckled.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Arkham Horror Boardgame

On a Wednesday night?

More info at BoardGameGeek, here.

We started a bit late, like around 7:30pm.  And this game takes few hours to finish.  But there's only 3 of us.  Le sad.

I played this game before like few years ago but my memory failed me.  Vaguely remembers everything.  To play this game, we need a big table.  1 long table not enough.  We need 2.  Unless you already have a big table then this is not necessary.

Monday, March 19, 2012

1000th post after 2 months of silence...

I'm sorry for the lack of update.  Lets just say I'm less motivated to blog these days.  I'm losing my mojo.  Or mebbe the Full Marathon training since end of last year made me so tired that everytime I got home, I got so lil time to do things.  Okay, wait, wait a minute, I have time to do other things, just when it comes to blogging, my brain gets really tired.  But I'm back now.  And I'm gonna talk about boardgame.   Oh! I realize that if I turn off my computer when I sleep, I sleep better and I wake up early and feels energetic.  DAMN YOU energy sucking mechanism!  Stop sucking my energy when I sleep.  Yes, it took me this long to realize that.  Or mebbe I refuse to believe that le computer sucks energy :)

But, before we get to that.  I wanna say thank you to Sakuya for cooking Japanese curry rice for me yesterday for lunch.  I super <3 it!  It's delicious! :)  Oh, there's little rice there coz I'm minimizing rice intake.  Heck, I don't each rice that often.  I eat pasta though :)