Thursday, March 29, 2012

Free body analysis

It's been at the park for quite some time.  I mean the free body analysis banner.  I got curious.  Who knows my body fat % is off the chart right?  I always wanted to go and check but I'm either too focus with my scheduled run or I don't have friend to go with me.  Today was a different story.

After my failed run today, I think I ate something I shouldn't the pain came back after I went to fix it yesterday. It's so frustrating.  My rib felt like it's being crushed when I walk.  I'm back to no laughing and coughing.  I had to end my run before I could reach 4km.  Meet up with my friend and walk with her for 30 mins.  Mind you, that walk wasn't pleasant.  I was groaning all the way, trying to adjust my body so I won't feel it.  But I was complaining the twitch that I wanted somebody to break/kick me so it'll somehow fix it.  It's so annoying, it's driving me nuts.

Going to get it check again tomorrow.

Anyways, back to the body analysis.  I actually wanted to know my body fat % only but I got more info.

The person was actually promoting HerbaLife.  Oh ok.

I'm 153cm.  Okay.jpg I measured myself before with a measuring tape, it's 154cm, I either measure it wrongly or I am that short *cries at the corner.

My weight, 48.2kg.  I was nearly 50kg this morning.  And this is after my run with a can of 100 plus.  She told me that I'm underweight.  Wait what?  But I use that BMI calculator thing online it says that my normal weight is above 46kg.  I thought I was on the right track?  OI!  Ideal weight is 51kg?  NOUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Body fat, 23.8%.  Ideal 22.7%.  See I got lotsa fat in my body.  I wanna lose that 1.1% gawddammit!

Water is 55.8%.  Ideal 50-55%.  But I had a can of 100 plus before the weighing.  Does that even count?

Muscle mass is 34.7kg.  She told me that I need to build on that.  Okay.jpg.  I know that for a fact.

Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) is 108.  Ideal is 117.  Oh ok. 

Metabolic age is 20 bwahhahahahahhaha.  Best result! Awet muda :)  That took 13 years off my age.  I feel old though.

Bone Mass is 2.1kg.  See my bones are heavy!  Ideal 1.95kg.  How do I even, iono.jpg.

Visceral fats is 3.  LOW!? 

Overall physique rating is standard = normal.  Yay~

But she said my breakfast is not healthy.  Okay.jpg eats oat and wholemeal bread then.

So what am I gonna do now?  Maintain at 48kg.  Sorry but going over 50kg is a NO NO for me.  I swear I can feel my ass fat bouncing if I reach that weight limit.  But I'm sulking cause of my sucky run.  I think cause I don't know how to relax.  I mean I relax but I don't relax if you know what I mean.  How does a thinker relax?  I need solution for that.  My brain is like a generator.  It doesn't really stop working.  Even when I'm asleep, I'll have back up generator.  I think the only way to get me to fall asleep is with sleeping pills (oh wai- tried that, it doesn't work, I wake up groggy), wine works in a way lol.

Should I be happy with the result? I don't think so.  


  1. @Nick: Yes I am. :)

  2. Hey~ Take care Mas. Our body is so much precious in our life. Fast recovery for your ribs.

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  3. @Meitzeu: Will do. Thanks :)

  4. Punya kicik sudah ko kan... haha I'm only 155cm so I can roughly know how petite are you xD

    Bah my TBL challenge is starting soon... ni kali la mo show obvious result :D

  5. @Daniel: Yeah I can't believe that I'm underweight. I know I'm slightly thin but I don't think I'm underweight, sure doesn't feel like it.

    Anyways, all the best for TBL challenge. Don't give up!