Monday, April 02, 2012

What is up with this heat?

I mean seriously.  Why is it so hot? Every night, I sleep, I have to turn on the aircond.  Sometims I end up waking up and turning the aircond off cause it was too cold but sometimes I end up waking up again cause it was too hot that it's giving me rashes.  Gawddamnit!

On another note, remember how wait, did I even blog about me twisting the veins around near my left ribcage like 2 Saturdays ago?  Anyways, if I didn't then yeah I sort had that going on, it messed up my nerves and breathing.  I got it fixed early last week but it didn't went away.  I actually felt like running with a burden on my sides during my last run sessions.  I think it totally screwed me.  Didn't complete my last week's Saturday run.  I only manage to complete 5.6km when I should be doing 9.66km.  I know for a fact that my breathing was messed up cause when I stop, I see stars.  That did not happen for awhile.  I mean like the last time I see stars were like a year ago, maybe, when I was running around the park and went hiking after that.  Yes yes, I should have taken a breather but I kept going.  Not enough oxygen, yes yes, I know.

So today, I woke up thinking hey, not much pain, I guess it'll heal.  Nope.  I sneezed and it got worst.  I couldn't take a deep breath, cough, sit or stand without feeling pain.  That twitch oh gawd.  I feel like slamming myself on a wall.  But, surprisingly, I manage to drive myself to work.  Well, I actually wanted to drop by the clinic before going to work but it wasn't open and since I wanted to get my package (a new vintage bag, mind you) so badly.  I waited for it since Friday okay!  I decided to just go to work.  Bad idea.  I swear I was twitching everytime I change the gear (yes, I drive a manual car).  Don't ask me how I manage to endure all those pain.  And when I reach the office, I couldn't be bothered to move.  I was in that much pain.  I end up skipping lunch and when my package arrived at 3pm, damn you PosLaju! I directly went off for the clinic.  I think I was reaching a point that I'm having difficulty breathing properly, I was short breathing.  If you know what I mean.

Went to the usual doctor's place.  Waited for I think more than half an hour.  So many people, everytime like that.  Finally it's my turn.  But before that, the weirdest thing is when I sat and wait at the clinic while wating those telenovelas on tv, I didn't feel any pain, but when I stand up, okay.jpg.  I feel it and started walking funny again.

The doctor was pressing my sides trying to locate the pain but I couldn't quite point it.

Diagnosed with Intercostal Neuralgia @_@"""

One of em is painkillers

Something about the muscle/veins compressing my ribcage?  Okay.jpg.  But assured that I still can run YAY!  I was afraid that I won't be able to.  What causes this?  I have no idea.  Over training?  I think I trained more last year.  This year I cut down a lot.  Or does this have anything to do with stress?  Or my posture?  Okay, lets fix those and see how it goes.  le sigh.  Eventhough I have a body of a 20 year old *perasan mode, I still think I'm weak lol.

1 month left for BIM training.  Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, talking about being underweight?  I dropped another 2kg.  I think I'm losing a whole lot of muscle. But fret not, I gained back 1kg today :) yay~


  1. you got drink protein also ka massy?

    1. @Chegu: Nope, I don't drink protein. Mebbe I should to build muscle? XD

    2. makan egg white. good source of protein also tu :D

    3. Oh telur, semestinya :)

      But lately I eat a lot more fish than chicken.

    4. thats what i heard if u need to build muscle sebab natural protein intake from food source like not enough that. but then again, you only do running bah kan, no go to gym?

    5. Oh yes, I heard of it too. But I didn't wanna bulk up, I just wanna tone. I guess natural protein could help a bit. And yes, I only do running and a bit of HIIT and rpm.

  2. Take care. Hope the pain will be gone soon!

    And good luck & all the best at BIM!