Monday, April 09, 2012

I must be on a blogging spree

I'm making time to blog lately.  I think I found the reason why.  FACEBOOK! Gawddamn facebook been sucking my life all these while till I don't have time for anything.  Yeah, one of the reason for deactivating myself.  You're not gonna take my soul!  Damn YOU!

Anyways back to what I was suppose to blog about.  Boardgames yes! :)

But before that, I have no idea why I'm feeling extremely hungry, till the extent of emptiness since last Sunday.  Did I not eat enough food?  What is going on?  Maybe "nippon flagging" soon?

Update on my injuries:

  • The rib is fine, no signs of pain.  I also ran out of meds.
  • Starting to feel twitch on the right leg from last Sunday run.  Yes yes, I gotta be careful next time.  Again! 
  • Body were all sore this morning like a piano fell onto me.  But I'm feeling quite fine now.  Actually I haven't shower yet and still in my working clothes lol.  Talking about being enthusiastic.

Wednesday is a public holiday! OMG OMG! What am I gonna do?  I wanna go to the beach!  But the local beach is so dirty.  *sigh.  Should I go to another island?  God! I feel so broke and it's not mid month yet (I got a reason for this, I'm saving money to pay for my apartment).  I keep telling my friends that I wanted to push the Nagapuri trip early but I guess it'll still be a year end thing.  Oh well.

Lets move on...

Finally the sign is up.

Sunday boardgame!  This time, there's 4 of us!  New member to our team, who finally has time to play *uhuk~

After my Sunday run, I had a roughly an hour of nap time and wasn't planning on being late but I was so hungry that I had to drop by Euro Bakery for some Custard Epi Buns.  Reached Damai at around 2:30pm and meet the girls at 360 cafe.  By 3pm we were at Just Wargame.  

First game, Lord of the Rings, let Jna be Frodo.  Reason being that whoever uses Frodo dies first.

Challenge accepted!  I shall break this curse

We never win this game.  This time I choose to be Merry.  And the cards in hand.

Gotta get my hands on Gandalf cards.


 M&Ms and snacks while playing.

First round = Fast game is fast.  I think we didn't even get off Moria.  

The time when everyone leaves Frodo alone with the eye of Sauron lol.

This has got to be the screwiest session ever.  Played twice and we reach Helm's Deep only?  Seriously?  We used to play till the final map.  OMG! What is this combo curse?

Screw that, lets play Red November.  5 player.  Somehow there was a lot of locked hatch and fire.  Less flood.  But we finish the game?  We cheated lol.


And we won!  I did not know how that happen though.

Left for dinner at Huge Cafe.

Green Tea.

 Food friend ordered.

I ordered chicken sausage spaghetti.  RM9.90.  Verdict?  Too bland.

Went home after that and that's the end of my Sunday.  I can't remember what I did after that.  Oh wait, maybe I do, I reached home and didn't want to shower but I did anyways and went straight to bed.  I was tired.  Nothing much happen on Monday.  Just that I felt hungry all the time.  What is wrong with me?


  1. You sure are one dedicated runner and game player. :)

    1. *chuckled. Not dedicated enough for running. Lotsa miss runs.

  2. Perhaps one of the spell being cast is taking its effect now? Now you have a tummy of a dragon xD

    ONE DAY, we'll play board game together... haha but tolong la... no co-op game... im very selfish bah xD

    1. Lol sure. Lolhuat, Y U NO like co-op? You like to screw ppl?

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah, fb is a big distraction. I think it took over my life somehow, now focus on other social networks lol

  4. Now that's a lot of boardgames hahaa. I'd rather play PC games :D But maybe if I try one, then who knows I'd enjoyed boardgames a lot kan hehee. Someday la.

    Ba, have a happy Thursday tomorrow, Maslight.

    1. Not a lot of it's okay hehe. I play PC games too leh. Diablo next month! yay~

  5. no wonder ilang suddenly..:P

    1. Hehehehe, masih bulih dicari, I just realize ada whatsapp ko tempat se ni. If u're still using the same number XD bah pandai pandai la ah msg se kalau ko rindu hehe