Saturday, September 18, 2010

Kirameki Cafe Official Opening

Sorry for neglecting the blog.  I have stuff to blog about but I wasn't in the mood to blog about anything.  I've been lazy.  Or should I say been busy playing games on my NDSL and been watching a lot of anime and TV series from online sites.

Today was Kirameki (Cosplay+Maid) Cafe Official Opening.  Actually it's been open for awhile, can't remember when though.  More info. via facebook page, here (I hope I properly link it).

Located at Lot 92a and 93, Star City Link Bridge (near Wagamama), Hobby Densetsu is just right next to it btw.  Facebook event page, here.

The event starts at 1pm and ends at 3pm.  I was feeling crappy half a day and nearly skip this.  But I manage to drag myself and arrive before 2pm.  Only manage to eat 2 slices of cake.  Green tea and strawberry cakes.  *sweat.

Before 3pm.  There's nothing left.

Some of the photos I manage to take.

Some other photo I posted at my fb album.  Went off before 3pm to koby's open house.  I'm stuffed.  And going to sleep. 

Am gonna wait for the video.


  1. I'm damn lazy to post too, if it wasn't for my assignments, I wouldn't be online ... LOL!

  2. @Nick: tell me about it, the reason I keep up with blogging is so that it won't die off XD

  3. @Clay: I didn't see you there >.>

  4. wah! meriah! abis the food oh...ekekekeee...cubex looks...ermmm....curvy...he really kurus...

  5. cakey & jelly were delicious ^_^v

  6. I think sometimes neglecting your blog is good oh, as your posts becomes more quality than quantity, unlike me. Haha!

  7. @AmyC: yeah his jumpsuit is so disturbing oh.

    @Nova: I didn't get to eat the jelly and the onigiri orz.

    @Dan: XD thanks. Eh, okay bah ur blog post.

  8. Wahhh kiut-kiut belaka kamurang. :D