Sunday, September 05, 2010

Wallpapering the cabinet

If you call that wallpapering?  Wait, what do people call this? Decorating the cabinet? Etto.  Anyways, I was cleaning my room the other day, and notice how fugly my cabinet is.  Remembered there were some decorative sheets selling at Daiso, decided to get some.  Unfortunately, I only found 2 of the same flower design from Daiso CP and 1Borneo (1 from each place, how sad is that?). 

I manage to stick it to 1 currently.  I think 1 sheet can decorate at least 2 drawers.  I guess I have to make it in 2 different design.  I wish they'd have it in colors, that would be nice. 

Here's the before photo.

And after?

Mind the stuff on top of it.  I'm still arranging the stuff hehe.

What do you think?  At least it's less fugly now.


  1. hmmm....abit ok...if got striking karer lagi nice dat...kan? XD

  2. Amy c: most of it are either flowery, fruity or dull XD

  3. nice...but if striking color lg better :D

  4. jppmom: x jumpa striking color orz