Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Michi Japanese Restaurant 50% off on Lobster meal

2 days ago, me and my bro went jogging at Likas and wanted to eat Maguro Spaghetti at Michi Japanese Restaurant at 1Borneo after. 

We got there and found out they don't have anymore Maguro (Tuna) promotion but Lobster promotion instead.  There is still 50% off sushi promotion.  Oh well.  Lets give it a try.

I shared Lobster Spaghetti with my brother.

After 50% discount, this cost around RM10.  Same cooking method as the Maguro Spaghetti.  But not a big fan of unfresh lobster.

Lobster Lava Hoso.  RM5.50.  Was surprised with this one.  It taste like those prawn/fish crackers.  LOVE!

And last but not least, lobster sushi.  Not a fan.

My raves, here.

Okay next time gonna try other stuff on the menu.

On another note, Grand Borneo Hotel have this buffet promotion for RM9.99++ per person on 29th Sept - 1st Oct 2010.  But I heard it's fully booked. 

I was gonna blog about this 2 days ago but I was so tired from my jogging session that I forced myself to blog today :)


  1. Wah! Lobster Spaghetti looks yummeh! XD

  2. @Amyc: yeah the spaghetti sedaps but the lobster, not a fan. I think tuna taste better.

  3. believe it or not sia blum pernah makan lobster lagi oh... tapi klau udang memag slalu la. maybe the taste lebih kurang same kan?

  4. @Nessa: yeah roughly the same, only bigger in size.

  5. Anonymous11:36 AM

    nah kan.. tatap sia lapar when coming to your blog... macam2 makanan ada.. dui dogo.. lobster lagi tu.. lapar trus ni. LOL