Sunday, September 05, 2010

Kuyachan's Surprise Birthday + Potluck Outing at Kirameki Cafe

This was sort of a sudden plan.  To cut the story short about how my day started, I washed my car instead of sending it to car wash.  It was windy and I burn some fats.  Went to Daiso with Jna, and tarped self.  Went to Kirameki Cafe by 5pm I think.

I bought this today.  But sold it to my brother coz he wanted it.  LOL!  Cute rite?  Maybe I should make a frog hat hehe.

Jna dun ask me if I wanted Cheesy Wedges, my answer will always be yes.

Kirameki Cafe was ours for the day, I mean night.

Anyways, here were the potlucking fewd.

And today I had Milk Tea <3

Surprise with cakie.

Carrot cheese cake.

Group photo.

Betrayal boardgame session.

What is this I don't even...orz

More photos on facebook, here.

That's about it XD  Nearly 2am I must sleep.

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