Sunday, November 30, 2008

the WEEKEND so far (the all in 1 post)

I was up and ready for jogging by 6:30am this morning. I've even wake both my bro and sis up. But hey, guess what, they're still not up. OMG. Instead, jogging session this morning was cancelled. *sigh. Oh well. I couldn't return back to sleep now that I'm already up. So, I decided to walk around the house to look for models *rofl. Here's some of the photos I took.

I took this the day before

I found a funny shot of QD with her uncle, QM at my bro's blog, here.

By 9am, I'm all set for breakfast at Gaya Street. Had this cold dish at Peppermint for RM6.50. This is of coz with spring rolls. I'm actually was lazy to go out. But since I want to erm sort of ride in a new car *cough cough. My mum's car hehe. Yes I'm a lil kid. I want to ride in new cars XD I forced myself to go. Yes, I hated the weather. It's uber HOT! Not forgetting that there's lotsa people there. OMG! I nearly brought along my camera. But I guess the heat was so great that I decided not to. Oh yeah, not only that, I tripped few times *rofl. What's wrong with me? Hahahahha I don't know how many times I actually tripped. Thank gawd I didn't fall down.

I was back home at around noon coz mum wanted to watch "Melodi" on TV3. By 2pm, I fell asleep on the sofa. It was so uncomfortable sleeping that way that I had to move to my comfie bed. I end up sleeping till 6pm OMG! Must be the weather. It must be it!

Oh yeah, I was browsing my dA page and found an update by gnd/bibing. A recording of him singing Hitomi Wo Tojite, here. Look forward to seeing him at HobbyCon 2008. He'll be there to sell his artwork and sing! XD Well I think he'll sing. I'm not sure. Oh yeah, whoever doesn't know who gnd is, he's actually acom's brother. Acom *hugs from this blog. Yes they both can sing. Looking forward to see here too! I miss acom!!!!!

Was at 1 Borneo last nite. OMG castle! Not forgetting lotsa SALE going on there. Must refrain self!!!!

Ogie, now I shall post some massive fewd post. So, whoever wants to skip this part is allowed to LOL. I think I skipped a lot of these coz I don't want my blog to be known as a fewd blog LOL. It seems to be, somehow @_@.

I was at Sugarbun Cafe last Tuesday, the 25th. Had lunch with my bro and Clay. Yes, they reopened Sugarbun and gave it a new look. I think the cheapest drink is around RM3.50. I had deep fried talapia. I think I had too much tea that day. Oh yeah, the first glass of Ice Lemon Tea I had was @_@ too bitter. The tea was too thick OMG! The 2nd time was ogie.

Was at Kompleks Asia City last Friday, the 28th too. Had our last meeting there. They've put up the Xmas decoration.

Had dinner at Mango Cafe. Had Pandan Chicken, Mix Vegetables, Rice, Chinese Tea and Tom Yam. 4 person at RM15 each XD Sorry for the photo quality. This is one of those times when I don't have my digital camera with me.

Went for a morning jog last Saturday and had Fish Mee at Kedai Kopi Janggut (Hilltop) after with my mum. Sent her to Luyang Hospital for a Charity Bazaar right after.

This was today's breakfast. Peppermint at Gaya Street. *NYUM!

And that's about it for this week. Thank yew, come again.

kthxbye goshujinsama~ XD

Note: I'm sorry if I sound a lil high. No I'm not on crack. There's just lotsa blood flowing to my brain.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Especially for Mell_f

I'm gonna have a quick post today.

This post is specially dedicated to Mell_f.

From your earlier question about Toro and Kuro's face expression.  Here's the answer for your question *giggles.

So lets start with Toro's face.

These are the no. of different facial expression for Toro. 

Detached (with body).

And Kuro.

Notice Kuro only have 4 facial expression?  That's coz there's 2 version of Toro.

Well, that's pretty much it.  See I told you guys this is a short post.  Thanks for reading!  And I'm sorry I haven't been blog hopping a lot lately.  I promise I'll blog hop more often soon.  Soon, maybe after HobbyCon *giggles.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Toro & Kuro Photo Session

I went to Kompleks Karamunsing yesterday to pick up my "reserved stuff" from Neko at his Moe Yume shop.  Two (2) boxes of fewd (food) miniatures!!!!  Ignore those prices XD  I got em at a really gewd (good) price.  I know I shouldn't be doing these kinda purchasing around this time.  I can't help myself.  SAVE ME!! 

Oh, here are the miniatures.

The green box contains 10 different kinds of dish.  This brand, mimo is from Hong Kong.  But cost slightly more than re-ments (blue box on the right) which is from Japan.  

Btw, remember my previous post on Tuesday about Kompleks Karamunsing's Xmas Decoration?  Hohoho, there's more to it.  I still remember last year they did a "White Xmas" theme with a round stage at the center?  That was kewl.  But this is way kewler!  I mean this is awesome!  I love it.  Check this out.  

if it's fasting month, we're screwed

No when I took this, it's still not completed yet.  *sigh.  Oh yeah, my friend is opening a mini donut kiosk called Lil Orbit.  I think their opening is on 1st December 2008.  I'll keep everyone posted.

Anyways, I borrowed my bro's Toro and Kuro for a photo session with my fewd miniatures *giggles.  Well, there could be more scenes but I'm lazy.  Besides I haven't shower hehehehe.

kuro becomes the slave for the day *cough (random shot) but this was the initial idea XD  well coz i think it's funny

this shot describes it all doesn't it? XD no need to explain XD

kuro and toro with mimo fewd miniatures.  wuah so cute the outcome XD

Overall I took er 21 shots.  But er, these are the three (3) different scenes that I wanted to share.  The others are repeats of different angle.  Unless anyone requested to see it only I'll post.  If not, a lil lazy to resize XD 

Have fun!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I shall not complain

Since *cough cough, some of my friends been "commenting" about my posts.  Erm, too much fewd post lately.  Sorry.  This time, it won't be about fewd, ogie fine! I lied! A bit of fewd and a bit of something else.

Oh yeah before I start, here's the xmas decoration they put up at Karamunsing.  I love the design.  Uzumaki~! (Spirals).

Yes, you guys must be wondering why I'm still up at 2am in the morning.  Heck I have no idea.  I think it must be the tea.  I drank it at a very wrong time.  Indeed I did.  Oh massy so smart.  I think I'll stay up till the sun rise.  Or maybe I should "pingsan" (faint) now?  Should I risk getting a headache if I sleep now?  Hmmm...

I was at 1 Borneo with my bro earlier after dinner.  Why?  Coz BakaNeko wanted to play Air Hockey with my bro LOL.  Neko u GG.  I had er 2 rounds of fun with "error".  Hey! Come to think of it, the machine went down when I played.  And when both neko and my bro played, there's nothing happen to the machine.  Did the machine feel some "stress" coming from me?  What?! *paranoid.  Uh oh, I had to send my sis to work for 2 days till my mum gets her car back.  I love and hate cars at the same time.  Love it coz you get to go around the city without going through "sardines in tin can".  The downfall of it though, is the maintenance of this piece of metal.  One shall not curse such mechanical stuffie.  We won't want it to turn against us now do we?  *hehehe~  (Somehow I'm aware that I'm slightly talking cuckoo now).  Mind that.

Anyways, oh yeah, erm the earlier Air Hockey session.  Well before that, we actually went to the Nelson kiosk near tune hotels for the "Lo Ma Gai".  Oh I love it so much.  This is the only "Lo Mai Gai" that I know that have dried shrimp in it XD  OH yeah, besides that, I had Spinach Shumai too.  Nyum~  Oh and slurpee!!!! Lemon flavoured RM2 only~  I was reluctant to take Laici sorry.  Scared it might be too sweet.  Oh but we (me and bro) had our "brain freeze" session too.

Spinach Shumai (only available at Nelson's kiosk at 1 Borneo)

Lemon flavoured slurpee, no I'm not LEMON~ XD  It's my bro's choice.  Well ogie fine! It's this or the Laici LOL.  I nearly thought it was strawberry.  *tertipu~

..... *speechless...

After typing so long, I've just realize that my title doesn't really match up with my post till of this point HAHAHAHHAHA.  OMG.  Sorry 'bout that.  Ehem~ Ogie, it's actually like this.  Reason for this er slightly "lunatical" behaviour is becoz that, I was late for work yesterday and sort of waiting for parking for nearly 2 hours in my AIR CONDITIONED car, mind you, the heat was so "keng" (strong) that I wanted to run to the nearest bathroom and shower.  Not only that, I was holding my bladder and I was uber hungry.  So yeah, I was all pissy this morning.  Additional "oil" is when I reach my office.  There I was, writing my attendance in the log book, all pissy, not even seated and take a piss yet, my "brilliant" colleague, told me the technician from TM called for me and my boss were asking me indirectly why the internet connection died.  *breathe~  I'm sorry, when I'm all pissy, cooling down is a bit erm slow.  With all the heat I'm feeling that moment.  I went directly to my room, set the aircond to the lowest temperature you could think of and try to cool off.  Did I manage to cool off? NoooOoooooOooo.  They had to make me do it right when I was about to sit.  So yeah, I didn't really get to sit and go pee.  I had to call and complain to Screamyx for the 6th time.  

Oh GG Screamyx, why you so GG.  *sigh~

Ogie, everything else after that is a blur.  Why?  Coz I was sitting playing my DS and listening to loud music.  Well more like I was on earphone.  The technician came around noon but the problem is still not fix.  The Screamyx customer service said that they have a planned maintenance on Thursday.  See how ridiculous this whole thing is?  Guess what the technician said?  "Oh, communication breakdown between TM and the contractor".  WTF is this?  Is that even my problem?  Urgh.  Life is funny, sometimes.  Oh yeah, and I noticed Digi had some kinda error going on after 4:30pm.  

Anyways, to cut the story short, TM didn't solve the problem.  Internet at work still screwed.  They seem to like to screw our line everytime they do their so called "Maintenance".

Erm so, I'm sorry if this post is all pissy and long.  But, here's wut's interesting for everyone.  California Grill at 1Borneo located near  Hehehe.  Anyone tried this yet?  I wanna know how was it XD

Uh oh, see I told you guys, I only talk a bit about fewd.  

So now, I'm gonna show you guys my kittens.  *giggles.  Meet QD and Q-whyte.  Dun ask! Mum named em.  *sigh.  They belong to Bambers Bambi.  The white one is male and the other one is female.  These 2 are crazy!  They like to bite your toes XD So cute.

Meanwhile, the "uninspired" massy, been doing some experimental shots.  Well, I'll just post one of it hehe.  

Now what should I do, it's 3am and I still can't sleep.  Count sheeps!!! XD  No sleep for massy today XD 

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Manhattan Fish Market + Happy Birthday Dad

So I went to 1 Borneo the day before, out of boredom I think for grocery shopping with mum. Didn't get to play Air Hockey that day, but went to Daiso. They have a fewd and drinks section now. And saw lotsa xmas decoration set up there. Pretty pretty. So wut does people normally do when they saw those cute decorations? Take photo hahahahhaha. LOL.

Other decorations. Pretty pretty!

So it was my dad's birthday yesterday. We actually planned to go to Hana Japanese Restaurant, but since my eldest sis were at 1 Borneo, we had to go there. *sigh. And my parents planned to go Sushi King, urgh no thanks. We changed their plan and go to Manhattan Fish Market instead. So there we were, I mean me and my bro, we went to play Air Hockey. OMG! They polished the table. How nice. It way fun with that clean shiny table. OMG such fun! Played a round with my bro and another with Pharell. Yeah we met Pharell and his friend, er I didn't get the friend's name. Anyways yeah, it's so much fun. Too bad we didn't get to play more longer coz my parents arrived that time.

Here's some of the fewd shots I took that nite

Btw, it'll taste better with these.

Dinner was ogie. I mean it's one of those fewd that you'll only eat "once in a blue moon". Check out em raves here.

Oh yeah some shots I took of everyone, including myself, oh and my 2nd sis didn't join us. She got issues. Well so I think.

Anyways, after dinner, me and bro went to play Air Hockey again. After 1 round, he sort of let this dood play for a round, big mistake, my bro was ready to slot in his play but those people keep on playing. Lesson learned, don't let anyone play till you finish playing. LOL

Here's the cake we got for dad. Blueberry cheesecake from Strawberry Damai. YUMMY!

Not forgetting a family photo. It's funny really, coz I never use the timer for my DSLR before, so I randomly press the function. At one time, I sort of set the timer to 10 shots hahahahah. My bad. It's funny really.
And that pretty much sums it up.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Puerto Rico Boardgame

Remember how I complained about the electricity problem at my house? It's fixed now, and at half price from the earlier mentioned. My mum found another electrician yay! Not yay for her but yay for me for being able to online again. OMG! I feel gewd! I'm sorry for the lacking of blog hopping and blog posting. That whole electricity problem and not being able to online kills my mood. And someone is killing my mood *sigh. But lets skip that whole part shall we?

It's been a interesting week. Can't really call it a total mess but I guess it's not as stressful as not being able to online and monitor the forum like I owez do. Lemme see now. I'm considered broke this month from the constant buying of miniatures and figures. HELP! The Pinky Street Figures that I had order the other day arrived safely today. Sadly the shipment cost increased. I bought three (3) old models. I'll update the Pinky Street blog once I took photo of it.

Anime updates: I've been watching Toradora and Kuroshitsuji. Oh I love the butler in Kuroshitsuji. Sebastian Michaelis, he's HAWT!!!! And the character Minorin in Toradora is so funny.

On another note: One of the forum members, chiaki chan has an online shop for cosplay items. Check it out, here.

I actually got lotsa things to blog about but I can't seem to find the time to. Been bz doing some "illegal printing" *cough cough at work. Aight, I'll stop with OOTing (Out of Topic-ing) and start with the boardgame review.

Puerto Rico Boargame

So well, after two (2) times canceling this boardgame session. *blames acing. I finally got the chance to play this german boargame called Puerto Rico. Minimum player I think 2 or 3 people. Max is 5? We had a session earlier at Mindslavers. Interesting game. All you gotta do when starting this game is, play! Skip all that explanation. It takes time and I don't get most of it LOL.

Here's some link about this boardgame: Wikipedia, BoardgameGeek.

I hope I remember the "rough" guidelines from dx's and acing's description from the earlier game.

Here are the players for this session, *cough cough, including me and my bro, cubex.

the pros


Here's how you start the game.

Every player have a player board.

The first player is the governor. The player gets to pick the action first.

The first player gets to pick his/her action (as follows). Oh yeah, the one at the far right is erm shipment and under it is trade goods (this one will enable you to earn more money).

These are goods. First two (2) player starts with indigo and the other three (3) players were given corn.

Items for trade. In this case, yellow is corn. According to the colors.

The brown pieces are slaves *cough cough I mean colonist/s.

These are victory point tokens. If I remembered it correctly, you only receive these tokens when you did some shipment of goods.

If you selected the build action. You could purchase these buildings.

The game ends when:
  1. No slaves colonist left.
  2. The player fill up the buildings; or
  3. The grass if fully covered XD.
This is how my land look like. See, I got lotsa slave XD

Well, once you get the hang of it. It's not that hard. I think my next round would be earlier. I want to plan my moves this time LOL.

Oh yeah, before I end this post and head off to shower, there is a times book fair at 1st Floor, Kompleks Asia City starting the 21st Nov 2008 till 7th December 2008. I was there earlier and heck there's so many books that I'm tempted to get. Oh yeah, I saw that the boxes are from MPH bookstore. Hmm. Go check it out! XD

Over and out!