Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Manhattan Fish Market + Happy Birthday Dad

So I went to 1 Borneo the day before, out of boredom I think for grocery shopping with mum. Didn't get to play Air Hockey that day, but went to Daiso. They have a fewd and drinks section now. And saw lotsa xmas decoration set up there. Pretty pretty. So wut does people normally do when they saw those cute decorations? Take photo hahahahhaha. LOL.

Other decorations. Pretty pretty!

So it was my dad's birthday yesterday. We actually planned to go to Hana Japanese Restaurant, but since my eldest sis were at 1 Borneo, we had to go there. *sigh. And my parents planned to go Sushi King, urgh no thanks. We changed their plan and go to Manhattan Fish Market instead. So there we were, I mean me and my bro, we went to play Air Hockey. OMG! They polished the table. How nice. It way fun with that clean shiny table. OMG such fun! Played a round with my bro and another with Pharell. Yeah we met Pharell and his friend, er I didn't get the friend's name. Anyways yeah, it's so much fun. Too bad we didn't get to play more longer coz my parents arrived that time.

Here's some of the fewd shots I took that nite

Btw, it'll taste better with these.

Dinner was ogie. I mean it's one of those fewd that you'll only eat "once in a blue moon". Check out em raves here.

Oh yeah some shots I took of everyone, including myself, oh and my 2nd sis didn't join us. She got issues. Well so I think.

Anyways, after dinner, me and bro went to play Air Hockey again. After 1 round, he sort of let this dood play for a round, big mistake, my bro was ready to slot in his play but those people keep on playing. Lesson learned, don't let anyone play till you finish playing. LOL

Here's the cake we got for dad. Blueberry cheesecake from Strawberry Damai. YUMMY!

Not forgetting a family photo. It's funny really, coz I never use the timer for my DSLR before, so I randomly press the function. At one time, I sort of set the timer to 10 shots hahahahah. My bad. It's funny really.
And that pretty much sums it up.


  1. i lurve the cheesy mussels in MFM!
    And happy birthday Massy's dad!

  2. lucky dad... the food looks good :D

  3. chegu thanks XD uh oh, I rike the fries XD

    kele: XD yes, the cake sedap

  4. The food and cake looks delicious! Trus lapar balik! Haha ;p

    Btw, Happy Belated Birthday Uncle! Hee :)

  5. eudora: thanks..yeah sedap XD