Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I shall not complain

Since *cough cough, some of my friends been "commenting" about my posts.  Erm, too much fewd post lately.  Sorry.  This time, it won't be about fewd, ogie fine! I lied! A bit of fewd and a bit of something else.

Oh yeah before I start, here's the xmas decoration they put up at Karamunsing.  I love the design.  Uzumaki~! (Spirals).

Yes, you guys must be wondering why I'm still up at 2am in the morning.  Heck I have no idea.  I think it must be the tea.  I drank it at a very wrong time.  Indeed I did.  Oh massy so smart.  I think I'll stay up till the sun rise.  Or maybe I should "pingsan" (faint) now?  Should I risk getting a headache if I sleep now?  Hmmm...

I was at 1 Borneo with my bro earlier after dinner.  Why?  Coz BakaNeko wanted to play Air Hockey with my bro LOL.  Neko u GG.  I had er 2 rounds of fun with "error".  Hey! Come to think of it, the machine went down when I played.  And when both neko and my bro played, there's nothing happen to the machine.  Did the machine feel some "stress" coming from me?  What?! *paranoid.  Uh oh, I had to send my sis to work for 2 days till my mum gets her car back.  I love and hate cars at the same time.  Love it coz you get to go around the city without going through "sardines in tin can".  The downfall of it though, is the maintenance of this piece of metal.  One shall not curse such mechanical stuffie.  We won't want it to turn against us now do we?  *hehehe~  (Somehow I'm aware that I'm slightly talking cuckoo now).  Mind that.

Anyways, oh yeah, erm the earlier Air Hockey session.  Well before that, we actually went to the Nelson kiosk near tune hotels for the "Lo Ma Gai".  Oh I love it so much.  This is the only "Lo Mai Gai" that I know that have dried shrimp in it XD  OH yeah, besides that, I had Spinach Shumai too.  Nyum~  Oh and slurpee!!!! Lemon flavoured RM2 only~  I was reluctant to take Laici sorry.  Scared it might be too sweet.  Oh but we (me and bro) had our "brain freeze" session too.

Spinach Shumai (only available at Nelson's kiosk at 1 Borneo)

Lemon flavoured slurpee, no I'm not LEMON~ XD  It's my bro's choice.  Well ogie fine! It's this or the Laici LOL.  I nearly thought it was strawberry.  *tertipu~

..... *speechless...

After typing so long, I've just realize that my title doesn't really match up with my post till of this point HAHAHAHHAHA.  OMG.  Sorry 'bout that.  Ehem~ Ogie, it's actually like this.  Reason for this er slightly "lunatical" behaviour is becoz that, I was late for work yesterday and sort of waiting for parking for nearly 2 hours in my AIR CONDITIONED car, mind you, the heat was so "keng" (strong) that I wanted to run to the nearest bathroom and shower.  Not only that, I was holding my bladder and I was uber hungry.  So yeah, I was all pissy this morning.  Additional "oil" is when I reach my office.  There I was, writing my attendance in the log book, all pissy, not even seated and take a piss yet, my "brilliant" colleague, told me the technician from TM called for me and my boss were asking me indirectly why the internet connection died.  *breathe~  I'm sorry, when I'm all pissy, cooling down is a bit erm slow.  With all the heat I'm feeling that moment.  I went directly to my room, set the aircond to the lowest temperature you could think of and try to cool off.  Did I manage to cool off? NoooOoooooOooo.  They had to make me do it right when I was about to sit.  So yeah, I didn't really get to sit and go pee.  I had to call and complain to Screamyx for the 6th time.  

Oh GG Screamyx, why you so GG.  *sigh~

Ogie, everything else after that is a blur.  Why?  Coz I was sitting playing my DS and listening to loud music.  Well more like I was on earphone.  The technician came around noon but the problem is still not fix.  The Screamyx customer service said that they have a planned maintenance on Thursday.  See how ridiculous this whole thing is?  Guess what the technician said?  "Oh, communication breakdown between TM and the contractor".  WTF is this?  Is that even my problem?  Urgh.  Life is funny, sometimes.  Oh yeah, and I noticed Digi had some kinda error going on after 4:30pm.  

Anyways, to cut the story short, TM didn't solve the problem.  Internet at work still screwed.  They seem to like to screw our line everytime they do their so called "Maintenance".

Erm so, I'm sorry if this post is all pissy and long.  But, here's wut's interesting for everyone.  California Grill at 1Borneo located near  Hehehe.  Anyone tried this yet?  I wanna know how was it XD

Uh oh, see I told you guys, I only talk a bit about fewd.  

So now, I'm gonna show you guys my kittens.  *giggles.  Meet QD and Q-whyte.  Dun ask! Mum named em.  *sigh.  They belong to Bambers Bambi.  The white one is male and the other one is female.  These 2 are crazy!  They like to bite your toes XD So cute.

Meanwhile, the "uninspired" massy, been doing some experimental shots.  Well, I'll just post one of it hehe.  

Now what should I do, it's 3am and I still can't sleep.  Count sheeps!!! XD  No sleep for massy today XD 


  1. but.. but.. i want more fewd post ;)

    Digi memang sot oo yesterday, starting 4.30-5.30+ pm like that,without prior notice lagi o. *kick si kuning*

    Anyway,hope u have a great sleep last nite babe ;)

  2. Wow, Christmas have fill in KK :)

  3. mell: thanks, yeah actually i can't sleep at all last nite. Erm I only had 1 hour of sleep XD rusak kan..mmg rusak! hahaha yeah *kicks the yellow ghost

    blue: yes yes...XD

  4. Anonymous10:53 AM

    This only confirms my feelings for TM's Streamyx. Rubbish. I can't wait for WIMAX to get cheaper!

  5. Dan: we suffer more here T_T we get no wimax yet uhuhu~ *cries

  6. gosh.. i miss karamunsing.. huhu..

  7. jard: I love karamunsing's deco

    uncle: wassup?

  8. I think I've said this before. GET JARING BROADBAND! LOL!

  9. nick: LOL alah, but its a household sharing thinggie XD nanti aku propose to my dad LOL XD

  10. I don't mind seeing all those food pics.. at least when I come home, I know where to go.. hehe

    Awww... those kittens are adorable :D

  11. Nessa: I shall make u hungry! XD kekekekeke *evil~ yes yes and they are mine mwahhaha..but why my mum named them T_T *cries..noooooooo

  12. Wahh.. I kinda miss karamunsing. Been almost 3 years teda pijak sana oh. ><

    PS: Nasib baik sia baru habis makan KFC, else kelaparan lagi la sia ni. Next time I wanna visit your blog, I MUST make sure I've eaten! :P

  13. cin: Alah, i want KFC too. Uh oh btw, I went to karamunsing yesterday, new xmas decoration GG. Ginger bread house ni waw

  14. Haven't been there yet, tapi cantik oh the deco! I like the bulat2 candy!

  15. OMG rozie me too XD