Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Drunk or what?

A treat from the boss, KFC and Pizza from Pizza Hut. OMG, stop feeding me!!!! *breathes~ I had 2 piece of chicken and 1 slice of Hawaiian Chicken. I need more pizza *cries. Oh gawd.

On another note, a colleague told me that I turned skinny somehow and wanted to transfer some of his FAT to me. O.O!!!! WHAT?! ARE YOU FRIGGING KIDDING ME?! 1st of all, I'm not skinny/slim, not even close. 2nd of all, I don't need his FAT! *hmph~ I got enuff fat around my stomach ogie! hmph~

A weird scary funny story. My 2nd sis, Tina mms me a shot she took of a dood, sleeping near her office entrance. She said the dood is drunk. I asked her to kick his balls. So he'd move. Too bad the shot she took was a bit too small. Here.

I'm sorry the photo is so small. Blame her! Anyways, the dood were curling up at the end of the staircase near her office. She said weird smell coming from this dood. Reach her office. Anyways, when I was there, this fellow is still there. Police came but didn't dare to move him. Police said he might be a junkie. No idea, ambulance came too. I think is to move him coz he was vomiting. No idea which was it. But yeah.

On another note, my sis been buzzing me about kebaya/s again. OMG! I saw somemore that I wanted. HELP! I have a hole in my pocket.

I want these!!!! Reasons explained.

not a fan of pink but love the pattern on this one

love the blue! hey i love blue!

am a big fan of this color

still not a fan of pink but the red is just too pretty! I can't stand that red! I feel like I must have it @_@""

Oh yeah, here's more stuff from the seller.

So hmm, now which should I get? *cries.


  1. Anonymous9:06 PM

    I bet that guy was wearing a mask. You know. That mask.

  2. panja: O.O!!!! that would be u, seriously it would be, stop it!!! >.<"""

  3. Dan> Which mask? O.O

    Massy~ Green is Miku~~~ <33
    The blue not so nice... The color too dark :-\ Will make you look old XD;; I think the red is nice for you XD

  4. panja wanna wear er...lalala~ *whistle

    arine: the red nice hor kan..i have a lighter green oledi oh...hmm temptations =_="""

  5. Anonymous10:39 PM

    actually i do think the pink kebaya is more beautiful compared to the other two.

  6. maja: heehheeh i like the design

  7. Bet that guy is drunk..what an embarrasing state he was at..tidur tepi2 like that?? Geezzzz!!

  8. massy,these are from the idamanboutique ka,coz i dont see all these dalam ebay pun :(

    IMHO,it would be nice if the pink pattern is on the blue one ;)

  9. kadus_mama: yeah my sis said ada bau montoku ni. but the police said he might be high on drugs @_@"""

    mell: yeah these are from idamanbotique, di ebay search under ebay malaysia XD for kebaya, ada dia bagi listing tu XD yeah i like the pink punya pattern oh..too bad it's not on other color T_T so sad

  10. lol ...massy not enuf fat ? haha i can donate sum for u FOC

  11. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Maybe that dude heard about your boss treating the staff, and wanted in on the action too!


  12. erk wait ,,,,, the green kebaya ? i had that already ... it comes togeather 1 set with the selendang bah kan? how much u buy ? i bought it for rm70++

  13. bubbleberry: inda mo, se mo keep fit! XD lose more weight, anyways, eh? you bought rm70++ with upah tailor ka? @_@ I got mine for rm90++

    dan: OMG ahhaha yeah that's maybe the case.XD

  14. ;p ... lol me beli kain oni .... upah FOC coz my grandma yg jahitkan y tey sell online so mahal ar :(

  15. bubbleberry: so lucky got ppl sew for u T_T i dun haf, to sew haf to pay rm30-rm40 like dat oh T_T

  16. Anonymous11:11 AM

    Sabah made baju kebaya? Anyway, it looked very nice. The design too.

  17. yinsi yat: eh no lah...but i've check at kebaya shop not ready make oledi cost more than 100 aiyo pingsan. could reach 300 sometimes so sad when there's so many nice designs

  18. those kebayas are smashing...but I'm sure you'd have to smash your piggy bank to buy them as well, right?

  19. perry: yes! T_T I dun wanna smash my piggy bank..aiso no usin

  20. Alamak sia also makan alot of lately. I feel so bloated now!