Thursday, November 27, 2008

Toro & Kuro Photo Session

I went to Kompleks Karamunsing yesterday to pick up my "reserved stuff" from Neko at his Moe Yume shop.  Two (2) boxes of fewd (food) miniatures!!!!  Ignore those prices XD  I got em at a really gewd (good) price.  I know I shouldn't be doing these kinda purchasing around this time.  I can't help myself.  SAVE ME!! 

Oh, here are the miniatures.

The green box contains 10 different kinds of dish.  This brand, mimo is from Hong Kong.  But cost slightly more than re-ments (blue box on the right) which is from Japan.  

Btw, remember my previous post on Tuesday about Kompleks Karamunsing's Xmas Decoration?  Hohoho, there's more to it.  I still remember last year they did a "White Xmas" theme with a round stage at the center?  That was kewl.  But this is way kewler!  I mean this is awesome!  I love it.  Check this out.  

if it's fasting month, we're screwed

No when I took this, it's still not completed yet.  *sigh.  Oh yeah, my friend is opening a mini donut kiosk called Lil Orbit.  I think their opening is on 1st December 2008.  I'll keep everyone posted.

Anyways, I borrowed my bro's Toro and Kuro for a photo session with my fewd miniatures *giggles.  Well, there could be more scenes but I'm lazy.  Besides I haven't shower hehehehe.

kuro becomes the slave for the day *cough (random shot) but this was the initial idea XD  well coz i think it's funny

this shot describes it all doesn't it? XD no need to explain XD

kuro and toro with mimo fewd miniatures.  wuah so cute the outcome XD

Overall I took er 21 shots.  But er, these are the three (3) different scenes that I wanted to share.  The others are repeats of different angle.  Unless anyone requested to see it only I'll post.  If not, a lil lazy to resize XD 

Have fun!


  1. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Those cat-fig thingies would make excellent D&D villians.

    But that candy house reminds me of Hansel & Gretel...

  2. panja: XD wut? how does it make it suitable for D&D villians oh. I change la nanti tu face. XD

    LOL, biscuits, waffles, donuts @_@ sweets GG

  3. OMGeeeeee!! The food kiut2 one oh!!

    Btw, I think Karamunsing is trying to compete with Warisan in the decoration department. lol.

  4. Donna: LOL yeah, but I wish there were a biggest tree competition around here LOL XD I want to see the biggest tree!!! x puas ati XD

  5. Oh,i saw kuro's and toro's miniature table and wall?(haha) in Daiso. My 1st impression, i think i've seen this somewhere,but cant recall, rupa rupanya jumpa in ur blog pula. LOL.

    Why their face bole tukar2 expression ah? can draw one kah? (funny Qs man,i even laughed while typing this.LOL)

  6. LOL mell, you got it right! it is from daiso, even the mat, alah tapi mat kurang nampak ahhahaha *rofl.

    Oh yeah, the face mmg can tukar, when you purchase it, it comes with 3-4 different face covers where u can take off and pasang balik. Maybe I should take photo of each. But my bro bought 2 version of toro. so there's like 6-7 faces of toro only got 3 or 4 faces for kuro XD

  7. Those are some cool looking miniature I must say :D

  8. Nick: thank yew thank yew XD

    sux too coz i like it a lot @_@ must refrain self from purchasing more

  9. tersangat la comel. those figurines are to die for...i oso want!!!!!

  10. mainan lagi...but cute la your toys.

  11. joan: yes it is..I love it XD i can't help myself

    perry: I know i'm too old for toys but T_T i can't help it

  12. Wah bestnya! So kiut oh everything! Hehehehe

  13. rozie: hehehe thanks XD

    uh oh the decoration at karamunsing cute kan XD OMG!