Sunday, November 30, 2008

the WEEKEND so far (the all in 1 post)

I was up and ready for jogging by 6:30am this morning. I've even wake both my bro and sis up. But hey, guess what, they're still not up. OMG. Instead, jogging session this morning was cancelled. *sigh. Oh well. I couldn't return back to sleep now that I'm already up. So, I decided to walk around the house to look for models *rofl. Here's some of the photos I took.

I took this the day before

I found a funny shot of QD with her uncle, QM at my bro's blog, here.

By 9am, I'm all set for breakfast at Gaya Street. Had this cold dish at Peppermint for RM6.50. This is of coz with spring rolls. I'm actually was lazy to go out. But since I want to erm sort of ride in a new car *cough cough. My mum's car hehe. Yes I'm a lil kid. I want to ride in new cars XD I forced myself to go. Yes, I hated the weather. It's uber HOT! Not forgetting that there's lotsa people there. OMG! I nearly brought along my camera. But I guess the heat was so great that I decided not to. Oh yeah, not only that, I tripped few times *rofl. What's wrong with me? Hahahahha I don't know how many times I actually tripped. Thank gawd I didn't fall down.

I was back home at around noon coz mum wanted to watch "Melodi" on TV3. By 2pm, I fell asleep on the sofa. It was so uncomfortable sleeping that way that I had to move to my comfie bed. I end up sleeping till 6pm OMG! Must be the weather. It must be it!

Oh yeah, I was browsing my dA page and found an update by gnd/bibing. A recording of him singing Hitomi Wo Tojite, here. Look forward to seeing him at HobbyCon 2008. He'll be there to sell his artwork and sing! XD Well I think he'll sing. I'm not sure. Oh yeah, whoever doesn't know who gnd is, he's actually acom's brother. Acom *hugs from this blog. Yes they both can sing. Looking forward to see here too! I miss acom!!!!!

Was at 1 Borneo last nite. OMG castle! Not forgetting lotsa SALE going on there. Must refrain self!!!!

Ogie, now I shall post some massive fewd post. So, whoever wants to skip this part is allowed to LOL. I think I skipped a lot of these coz I don't want my blog to be known as a fewd blog LOL. It seems to be, somehow @_@.

I was at Sugarbun Cafe last Tuesday, the 25th. Had lunch with my bro and Clay. Yes, they reopened Sugarbun and gave it a new look. I think the cheapest drink is around RM3.50. I had deep fried talapia. I think I had too much tea that day. Oh yeah, the first glass of Ice Lemon Tea I had was @_@ too bitter. The tea was too thick OMG! The 2nd time was ogie.

Was at Kompleks Asia City last Friday, the 28th too. Had our last meeting there. They've put up the Xmas decoration.

Had dinner at Mango Cafe. Had Pandan Chicken, Mix Vegetables, Rice, Chinese Tea and Tom Yam. 4 person at RM15 each XD Sorry for the photo quality. This is one of those times when I don't have my digital camera with me.

Went for a morning jog last Saturday and had Fish Mee at Kedai Kopi Janggut (Hilltop) after with my mum. Sent her to Luyang Hospital for a Charity Bazaar right after.

This was today's breakfast. Peppermint at Gaya Street. *NYUM!

And that's about it for this week. Thank yew, come again.

kthxbye goshujinsama~ XD

Note: I'm sorry if I sound a lil high. No I'm not on crack. There's just lotsa blood flowing to my brain.


  1. ermmm...have a nice day massy

    bz laaa saya minggu ni

    uhukkkksss :(

  2. angriani: dec just started! XD have a good one

  3. Huh?? SB reopened? Which outlet? Yg di Gaya Street kah?

    I worked with SB before hence the curiousness...ehehe

  4. I can NEVER get up at 6.30am to run. Not even if my life depended on it ... LOL!

  5. chegu: Yeap, SB reopened. And yes at Gaya Street XD kekekekek

    Nick: LOL! I must, I dun wanna be erm fat @_@

  6. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Great shots!

  7. sure like taking photos.. how bout just walking around the park..n take photos in the morning.. cud catch the sun rising in the horizon.. =p

  8. jard: i jog in the morning but if i do i can't drag my camera along hahahah XD

  9. Auw,kesian the kitty kena himpit oleh buntut QM (adui,my words

    Nice pics babe. I love the pic no 2.

  10. Mell: cute kan XD gila tu QD...hehehe the caterpillar...ahh yes, I was poking it to stretch it like dat hahahahha XD

  11. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Enjoynya you!!! Jelez owh me...! hee.
    Oya that cat is so cute tahap dewa!

  12. arms: XD yes, mmg cute. ada lagi cute. i'll take photo of them XD

  13. Hahaha! Wah, macam kana smackdown seja tu QD :D Suka sia tingu dat shot!

    Cantiknya shopping malls di KK skrang. The food pun .. aiyoh... sia laparrrrr suda!!

  14. Nessa: omg, if you see the kittens at my house, gerigitan ko. Yeah, the xmas decoration and sale is crazy!

    charlene: thanks *hugs

  15. uhuh "a drop" it's just mindblowing, wish i had a camera! i have so many ideas for closeups :)))

  16. Claudel: hey get a camera it doesn't cost that much XD and once u have it, show me some of the close ups XD i love close ups