Monday, July 31, 2006

Look that these doggies in kimono. The kimonos are so cute :D

I planned to bring my sis out on Saturday, but she didn't want to *cries. She wanted to spend some time with mum. Hmm. Oh well. I took some shots of her. *damn she's darn photogenic *pfttttt~ *envy nyahahhaha kermit~ >_<"

I sometimes get a wittle motivated if I'm with her. *rofl. My laziness seems to be wearing off hahahhaha. *weirdness. We helped my dad in the garden. Yes, she was a little hyper if u ask me. If me I think I would be sleeping or watching tv *rofl. And guess wut? She had a fever after that. And she was sick for 2 days.

*hiks. On Sunday, plan to sleep longer. But her handphone alarm thinggie rang at around 7:30am. I wanted to strangle her but I didn't. I just wake up and turn the alarm off. *sigh. Return back to sleep. Then I received sms at around 8am. *sigh~ distractions!!!! *sigh. Umm finally woke up around 10am. I'm fine. *hiks~

Anyways, about the fire the other day. Umm saw the newspaper. It's actually the pharmacy there. Burn down. *hiks~

I'll continue blogging later. I'll post some photos indeed :D

Saturday, July 29, 2006

So, yesterday me and mum pick my sis up at airport. She arrived here at around 4pm. Wow, ogie, I noticed the airport is under construction. Definately lotsa changes. Kewlness. I wish it could be bigger yay~ Was lucky that there's a space for me to park while waiting for her to come out. Once arrived, I think she can't stop talking. Geez~ that's one thing I wanna avoid. Her too much talking. Well, it's not a bad thing but er, too much will "kill" me. *hee :D gomene~ neechan~ I still love you! *hug~

Anyways, after that, went to Putatan since mum wanted to get something to eat. But there ain't anything interesting there. So, she only bought banana and something else which I dun think I know. While waiting for mum, my sis starting to take things out from her bag. She's like totally can't wait to show us the kewl things she bought. Well, I dun mind hahahaha. She's totally funny. Funnily cute. I should get some shots of her hahahahha. Be my model! yay~

On the way back, we stopped at this chinese restaurant to get some fewd. Mum got us deep fried talapia cooked with soy sauce and fried khailan with garlic. Damn nice!

Damn, I felt so selfish. Coz most of the things she brought back are mine!!! MINE!!! MINE MINE MINE!!! *grins~ hee. Ooo and since we roughly have the same size. I can wear her clothes. Well some of it. Her pants, you can forget it. Not my size. Mine is bigger *sadly to say. *sigh~

She can't stop toking to my mum. Hee~ at one point I think I wanted to stop listening hahahahaha. I'm bad. Yes I know hee~ anyways, off to bed at around midnite. Oooo but before that, she massage my mum's and my leg hee. So comfie. I feel fresh! Then last nite she wanted to online but the line = stewped. So, this morning, I woke up coz her handphone alarm --> damn loud!!! Shite! shite shite shite! This is why I hate noise. I can't sleep with noise. Very sensitive ears. Surprisingly, she's still sleeping. And yes, she dun mind the noise. *sigh~ Oh well. I brushed my teeth and washed my face, went downstairs and clean kitty cage and feed em yay~ Now obviously I'm blogging *hee~ hungry oledi.

- to be continued...

Thursday, July 27, 2006


it started at around 10am-ish I think? was way too distracted to look at it the time. sorry for the low quality of image resolution

half an hour later (*i think). look at the fire *points. again i have to apologize for the image quality

*hiks. Anyways, there's really a fire going on few blocks from my work place. Sorry, I didn't bring my camera with me *argh *frustrated. Though I took some non-gewd qualit y photos using my camera phone. Somebody get me a new phone pls pls pls :(

I'll upload the photos later. Ohhh this surely will be in the newspaper tomorrow :P
I know. I haven't been blogging. It's not my fault when one day "blackout", next the internet connection suck arse. Totally not my fault.

Anyways, yesterday was so bored. Ogie maybe I complain a lot. But seriously, I was playing games all day yesterday. Went back home as usual, did the routine things, as usual. Clean kitty cage, feed kitty, let kitty play.

Yesterday ummm, took out gendut and took some photos and video of him. Here's one. (Noted: I couldn't load the other ones coz the line sucks!)

Also can be viewed at gendut series - 1

And I took some dragonfly photos. To view go to

Today, woke up around 6am. Oh man. I had like well actually enuff amount of time to sleep. No complains. >_<" Sent my mum to KPD. Er...Hari Peladang thinggie. Lotsa cars, lotsa traffic police. Bla bla bla. Er ogie. Am so sleepy rite now. *hiks.

Monday, July 24, 2006

I've uploaded some videos at today. These are videos of my kittens - Emma, Elliot and Little Tabby Mu. Enjoy :D

Emma play series - 1

Also can be viewed at emma play series - 1 (click here!)

Emma play series - 2

Also can be viewed at emma play series - 2 (click here!)

Emma play series - 3

Elliot looking left

Also can be viewed at elliot - look left and that's about it (click here!)

Little tabby mu's bored and sleepy

Also can be viewed at little tabby mu getting a lil bored and sleepy (click here!)

Some might not be able to view it so I post it here :D
Kittens play series - 1

Kittens play series - 2

Kittens play series - 3

For more videos, please visit
My fren sent me mms today. Hee~ :D it's a photo of her 1st son, Raven. He looks way cute when he smiles :D

looking a bit moody?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

What I've been doing?

As always, I love browsing for music. Any music. I came across Värttinä. The first song I listen to is called "Synti" means "The Sin". This group is from Finland. I'm so falling in love with their songs. Anyways, for those who wanted to know more about them. Click here!


As planned earlier, I'm gonna have lunch with my x colleague, Junn. I went to her office with mum to pick her up. We went off at about 11:20am (I think? I can't remember but it was before 11:30am). Reached there around 11:45am. Thought wanted to eat at "Makanan Sihat" at Damai. But it's closed. Eh? Where did it go. Instead we went to "Sugar Bun" at Likas for lunch. I had rice with deep fried talapia. Same as mum. And Junn had chicken burger. No electricity there and it was very hot (refering to the weather and the fewd). A cat came to our table. *kaciannya~!!! He look a bit like Mumu. Only his furr is er that one consider orangie ka? Yes la. Couldn't take a shot of it coz my dad borrow my camera oledi. Too bad. Poor kitty. We gave him some fish. He looks really hungry. Wish we could bring him back home. We nearly finish our meal and another cat came to us. Looks like siblings. This time it's a female cat. They look so cute with those green eyes. Though she looks very scared of us. Like got signs of abuse. Wish somebody could find em a home :(

seriously. I do think this is cute. Hee~ :D normally I only put on shirts. Which I think way more comfortable hee :D

Anyways, after we send Junn back to her office. Me and mum went to KK Plaza. Mum wanted to go Servey Supermarket and to the Market to get some stuffs. We went window shopping first. I bought a top. A really cute top. Ogie. I seldom put on these kinda top but find this one damn cute. Heeheheh. Cost about RM37.90. I actually saw a few more of this kind that I wanted to buy but I'm kinda in the "broke" state. NO I DUN GET TO SHOP THAT OFTEN OGIE!? Shush!

After that, we went to the Market. Met my colleague, "makcik". She's selling "Penjaram". Her daughter is there too. Bought some and went around to find some fruits, vege and chicken. Bring it to the car at the carpark first and then went to Servey Supermarket. Bought some stuff. Not that much. I bought some dry kitten fewd. I think they like Friskies better than Whiskas brand. Hmmm oh well. I'll buy Friskies brand next time. I didn't get it this time coz it was a bit expensive than Whiskas brand. Anyways, bought milk for kitty too. They liked it :D *yay~ dance~ They smell. Should shower them tomorrow.

I have no idea why, but my left leg hurt really bad. I'M IN PAIN! Urgh. Must be tired. Only my left leg. Hmmm no idea why. Maybe I'm getting old *shite! At around 8pm, Ali G called me. Ask me out. Ehh, with this leg condition? I dun think I can walk. Hee, told him we go out some other time. Uhhh leg pain. At around 11pm, "blackout"!!! Stewped SESB. Gawd! I'm so bored coz normally I sleep with my computer on. Hee~ bad habit.


So, I woke up kinda late. Sleep late, wake up also late. *hiks~ my bad. I planned to wake up early but my eyes can't seem to open. *hee~ Anyways, feed my kitties. Cleaned their cage. Shower them. They smell much more better now. Dried em under a hot sun for awhile. And let em play outside for awhile. Little Tabby Mu doesn't seem the kind that likes to play. *sigh~ I wish she could run around like Emma and Elliot. Anyways, took some shots of them. Will post em later. Uh uh, while I was watching over them play outside. I saw one big butterfly and took more than a dozen shots of it. *yay~ I'm sho happy! Sho sho happy! Will post those later. Hee~ wait and see :D

little tabby mu and elliot. elliot is trying to get out to play with emma

"wut big eyes u got there..."

i guess she's wondering whether that meat in front of her eatable. and mas would say "dun eat it!!! it's full of fats!" hahahahhaha *kidding kidding. or maybe she might be thinking of this "izzit safe to go out mas?" *rofl~

For more kitty photos, please visit

Friday, July 21, 2006


Yesterday, I counted the steps of the staircase to my office. So, there's 4 floors, 77 steps (excluding the wide ones)

Today, I counted how many steps I need to take to reach to my office. I need 138 steps with my 2" heels to get to my office. Now, this is excluding the walk from parking. This is actually starting from the main entrance.

Oh, and I notice Hong Leong Bank at Gaya Street had some renovation. They have clear glass now. *yay~

Thursday, July 20, 2006

One of the advertisement I like:

And no, I'm not a fan of Mawi. Just the advertisement and Sharifah Amani hehehehe :D

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

"Acing, jan marah se ah! Se keboringan. Jadi amik mr sato jadi reference hahahahah"

during my boring hours at work

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wanted to share this froggie photo I took last month. I'm not fond of it, but I feel gewd to be able to capture it. It's not such a great photo since the froggie not in the open. Well then, I gotta say, this froggie reminds me of my sis, Tina *rofl. *kidding!

I can't stop thinking that there might be snakes around there, gawd u can't imagine how freakie it was to be sitting there and thinking about it all the time. *phobia~

Meanwhile, I took some shots of the kitties.

emma loves to play :D I even took videos of her jumping around hee~ too cute

elliot loves to play too. emma and elliot will owez chase each other around

tabby mu ain't that active. she loves to be pampered. she definately love tummy rub hee :D

Shite! I seriously need to sleep early. *sigh. Lately been sleeping really late. Ohhh my eyes. My body. I feel so weak. Ooooo anyways, I did these when I was at work. I was bored and the line sucks. I can online up till noon argh~ so frustrating. Their reason would be server down for international sites. Duh~! Mine doesn't work at all *shiesh.

Anyways, the main idea is to design an icon for my photos, coz the old one is a bit too small and I used psp7 to design that. Since I've learned to use ps cs2, I decided to create a new one and set it as brush so would be easier for me. :D Instead, I got these heh

Well the idea of the square face people is by acing a.k.a rob-jr. Hee, you can find his link at my side bar hee :D I juz got a bit carried away hee :D

the icon for my photos. look ogie? no?


hahahah this is funny. that time, i thought of making some brushes. i came up with this one. though i gotta say, this look a bit like my 2nd sis, tina (*upu) hahahah

the earlier version of the square people thinggie. i created these using psp7. heh. the ones above I did use ps cs2 hee. yes, i'm still getting used to it heh~

Bahhhhh~~ I didn't had any rice today. Am hungry rite now. Drink more water. I feel so weak. Oooo though I need to lose weight and I need to get some sleep argh~

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Birthday Calculator <---try this?

I should get more sleeping hours. Lately, I went to bed around 1am. Urgh~ sleepiness. On Saturday, I wanted to sleep early but was chatting with some frens *hiks~.

Saturday, is the day I return missy to her owner. Went to bestmart with mum to shop for stuffs. Noiiiiiiii!!! They dun have maggie pan mee!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT :(

Was pretty much waiting for my bro to help me assemble my pc. Just in case I got it wrongly. Better be safe. Anyways, he's the greatest! He helped me look for my mobo and my hddisk without any extra charges. And helped me to assemble and install the windows and shite. Hoooooo. I felt guilty sometimes coz I felt like I was using him heee. Anyways, my new mobo and hddisk is up, so hopefully, I can use it wisely hee :D Haven't install my LCD Smartie yet. *curious. I stayed up till 1am again last nite coz I was installing all the software I needed. Oooooooo I'm nearly finish downloading "America's Next Top Model Season 5". Hehehehe, they gonna show it on Monday at 8pm on Channel V. *pftttttttt a bit outdated.

Ooooooooo my sis, Tina has a blog ei. But nothing up yet. *kicks. Oooooooooiii update it. Since u got so many things to say. Non-stop hee :P

At work now, crap! I forgot to copy my photos to thumbdrive. *hmph. Thought I can post something up at dA haih~ nvm, do later hee. What should I do today hmmm..*thinking, wut to eat for lunch. Or maybe I'll juz eat bread hee :)

*NOTED: Bitch at work goes missing hee (I thought she might already resign *pfttttttt)

my bro have 3 of this figurine. of different color. he said there's 6 kind and 1 limited edition that he wanted. eeeeeeeeee this is the cutest i've seen from his collection. am i crazy to get one for myself? hohohohohoho *grins

Friday, July 14, 2006

1st test: Right Left Brain Tests

Brain Lateralization Test Results
Right Brain (32%) The right hemisphere is the visual, figurative, artistic, and intuitive side of the brain.
Left Brain (50%) The left hemisphere is the logical, articulate, assertive, and practical side of the brain
Are You Right or Left Brained?
personality tests by

Left brain dominant individuals are more orderly, literal, articulate, and to the point. They are good at understanding directions and anything that is explicit and logical. They can have trouble comprehending emotions and abstract concepts, they can feel lost when things are not clear, doubting anything that is not stated and proven.

Right brain dominant individuals are more visual and intuitive. They are better at summarizing multiple points, picking up on what's not said, visualizing things, and making things up. They can lack attention to detail, directness, organization, and the ability to explain their ideas verbally, leaving them unable to communicate effectively.

2nd test: Career Inventory Test Results

Career Inventory Test Results

Extroversion |||||||||||| 36%
Emotional Stability ||||||||| 23%
Orderliness |||||||||||||||||| 53%
Altruism |||||||||||||||||||||||| 80%
Inquisitiveness |||||||||||||||||| 60%

You are a Guide, possible professions include - career counselor, psychologist, educational consultant, special education teacher, librarian, artist, playwright, novelist/poet, editor/art director, information-graphics, designer, HRM manager, merchandise planner, environmental lawyer, marketer, job analyst, mental health counselor, dietitian/nutritionist, research, educational consultant, architects, interpreter/translator.
Take Free Career Test
personality tests by

Test 3: Visual Pattern Fluid Intelligence Test Results

Sir Francis Galton, the cousin of Charles Darwin, first popularized the notion of measurable intelligence in the late 1800s. Charles Spearman later discovered that all mental abilities tend to correlate together when statistically analyzed. He called this G. Modern researchers tend to agree that there are two kinds of intelligence, crystallized intelligence (learned knowledge) and fluid intelligence (abstract processing ability). Most non-verbal intelligence tests measure the latter. Some research suggests that fluid intelligence may correlate best to G.

Your overall percentile is 18% which means you scored higher than 18% of the people who have taken this test. The internet population tends to be more intelligent so your percentile might be higher if the test taking sample was perfectly random. Keep in mind, taking this test more than once will render your percentile score inaccurate because the percentile score assumes these questions were fresh to the test taker.

The point of this test is to challenge you and show you how you compare to other test takers on a set of novel questions. Consequently, I need to keep the answers secret to protect the integrity of the test.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just to share this with everyone. I find it very amusing. Sorry for the terrible resolution. I scanned this directly from the newspaper. Today's Daily Express "gossip"! *rofl

The Story (huh! this is so hard to combine, but I manage weeeeeee, I photostated this coz earlier I scanned my psp hang. So, enjoy reading hee :D)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A friend sent me this. Oi anybody nearby can go. GO! GO!
I online almost 24 hours a day. So, why aren't I online last nite? -_- my windows corrupted. I dunno wut's wrong with it. I had to wait for my brother to come back for the cd. *hiks. Slept around 11pm coz I was looking at the ceiling. Woke up around nearly 3am coz it was too quiet. I sleep while watching southpark everyday. Hee~ bad habit indeed. I should move my pc outside, but I dun think that's a gewd idea hehehe.

Went off to work at about the same time. And now I forgot wut I wanted to say. Bahhhh~~~ I'll blog later. Something wrong with my memory. *hiks. Oh but wait. I remember it clearly now. I was gonna say that our TM directory, which is 103 sucks. Well not in their servicing. The customer service is nice but their directory is not updated. They dun have some numbers I wanted. Not one but 2. How come ah? Not everytime somebody register for a new line, they should like updated it in their system ah? Hmm wish they could like do something about it. :D they updated their website though. Hmmm

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hard Gay - Cupid Episode
funny shite!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3
5 DON'TS WHEN YOU ARE SLEEPING: (got this from a friend)

Watches can emit a certain level of radioactivity. Though small, but if you wear your watch to bed for a long time, it might have adverse effects on your health.
(hmm, never sleep with watch before. does clock count?)

Scientists in America have discovered those that wear bras for more than 12 hours have a higher risk of getting breast cancer. So go to bed without it.
(ooooooooooooohohohoo, does that apply for all bras? including without wire?)

Putting the phone beside your bed or anywhere near you is not encouraged. Though some of us will use phones as alarm clocks, but please put the phone as far as possible. Scientists have proved that electrical items including mobile phone and television sets emit magnetic waves when used. These waves can cause disruptions to our nervous system. Therefore if you need to put your mobile phone near you, switch it off first.
(handphone ka this? oh noi. I use hp as alarm clock wor)

People who sleep with make up might have skin problems in the long run. Sleeping with make up will cause the skin to have difficulty in breathing and problem in perspiring. You will also need a much longer time to go into deep sleep.
(dun think this happen before coz I dun put on make-up)

You may never wake up again.
(wahhahahahah so funny)
Listening to: Tim (Hwang yong Min)
Location: At work

It's 12:05 noon. Had lunch earlier. Wanted to blog last nite but I was too sleepy. I didn't get to sleep early again. I was planning to sleep around 9:30pm-ish last nite but my fren, "beruang" (translated: bear), ask me to play ym pool with him. I sucked at it. As usual hee and I'm sleepy.

So, the kitties, instead of taking 2. I took all. It's not my fault. They are too cute! :D I get to know the kitty one by one. I'm suppose to give the tabby one to another fren but I got a lil too greedy. *hee~ sollie :P

so this is Emma (I named her). SHUDDUP! if you dun like the name. yes, it's a she. she's very energetic, active (active in the sense that she jumps around more than everybody else) and funny. adorable when she's sleeping. I think she's the big sis, looking at her size.

another she. her name is missy (my eldest sis named her). so, this is actually the blur one. i tot the other one. now i know why. she could juz sit somewhere and look at you without blinking. another unique thing about her is her white stripe which look like she's wearing a skirt. my mum sometimes calls her skirt instead of missy

the owner gave me a name. but she didn't name anybody. so this is "mu" or maybe spell as "moo"? anyways, i wanted to call her tabby at first but my bro called her mu/moo. i think her name will be lil tabby moo. she's the youngest and the cutest i think. cute not by her tabby look. cute when you rub her stomach and she could play for awhile till she sleeps in that position. very cute indeed

this is the only male cat from the bunch. i still dunno wut to call him. i wanted to call him "lenny". but i'm not so sure. my mum wanted to call him "tompok". but i dun like that name. hee~ maybe i'll give him back to his owner coz the mummy kitty looking for the kitties. my fren wanted it back to shut her up. *hiks. i dun wanna give back! mwahhaha *greedy

Another kitty at home, still young, I call him/her "gendut" (means fat), coz he/she is fat hhehehe and cute. I'll post up the photo when I get to.

What happen yesterday at work? Some of the staff her went to Computer Course at Kompleks Karamunsing. So, kinda boring and quiet. "Makcik" or auntie cleaner brought her daughter to accompany us. Well, at least there's a bit noise. Umm, I think too much noise. Very annoyed by it. She was sleeping in my room and she let the radio turn on very loud. I had to ask her to turn it off coz I find it annoying. Very noisy. I prefer peace and quiet in my room. It's lunch time and "makcik" and her daughter was sleeping in my room. I dun sleep at work. Trust me. I dun like to sleep at work. I only like to sleep at home, on a bed. Ahhhh comfort. Anyways, I know I shouldn't say this but I think I was annoyed with the loud snore coming from the daughter. I ignore it by putting on earphone, listening to music very loud. Well, that didn't help?

Was happy when she finally woke up. I think it was 2 hours of noise. Didn't had anything to do yesterday. I can't remember wut I was doing at work. Gosh~! Went off at 4:30pm till my eldest sis called me up to pick her up. Her excuse would be her leg still sore. *sigh~. No choice. I would ignore her but I couldn't, still got this nice part of me still wanting to help her even I dun like it. So, I reached there less than 10 minutes maybe. Waited till 5:20pm till she arrives. I think if I didn't call her up, she would probably be walking really slow. Heh~ I hate waiting for people.

Mum smsed me asking me where I was. I reached home and went to the tv room and told mum that I went to pick her "fat" daughter up. Well, I think easily tempered by my sis's behaviour. Heheh. *guilty. I took the kittens out from the cage and left them in a box at the tv room. Let them exercise. Told mum to look after them while I shower. I came down after shower. Heard mum and my sis laughing. Guess wut happen? 2 of the kitties shite at the newspaper my mum was reading and my sis was having her dinner there. No wonder they were laughing so loud. Left them for few hours to play. Put them back to the cage to sleep. Ooo and they got a lil hungry, so I feed em some rice mix with fish. Hee.

I told mum that I wanted a small space at the backyard for them to run around on the ground. Hee~ yay~ We'll build em something there. To jump and run around. Won't that be fun. At least they won't be bitten by dogs and get to exercise. Hee.

So, today, I went off early for work coz I need to pump some fuel. I dun like if my fuel look so lil. Even some people said it's enuff, but to me it's not hee. *paranoia. The funny part is when I called for the attendent to help me see whether the pump can reach the tank hole thinggie. He said can reach. The next thing you know, he's toking to me about this sexy girl? Hahhaha I can't stop laffing man. He was like saying "nothing wrong rite, looking at sexy girl when she's rite in front of you?" and I said "yeah, it's normal". Well, he's was refering to the sexy girl somewhere next to me I think. Hhahahah so funny. I guess she was really sexy that he didn't wanna miss any part till she went off.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Pesta Rumbia (Sago Fest)
Date: 8th July 2006
Location: Kuala Penyu

As mentioned earlier (earlier meaning the day before), I went to "Pesta Rumbia" or "Sago Fest" at Kuala Penyu with my parents. We went off at around 8am-ish. Went to a restaurant near my house area for breakfast. I had "nasi lemak", mum had "soto ayam" and dad had "soto daging". Dad said the "soto" very tasty. Mum didn't like it. I didn't like the "nasi lemak", the "sambal" taste like chili sauce. Sadly to say. Forgot how much it cost. But I think it wasn't that expensive. Me and dad got to the car while waiting for mum to pay at the counter. Oooh, she manage to ask the people there how much the rent of the shoplot there cost. They told her that the rent for the shoplot is RM150 a day. O me gawd. RM150 a day? *shiesh. So expensive. That's like RM4500 a month? Isn't that expensive? Oh and the owner is from Kota Belud if I'm not mistaken.

So, what is "Pesta Rumbia" or "Sago Fest", you may ask? Well, the Sago Festival is primarily celebrated, annually, in Kuala Penyu, approximately 2 hours drive from Sabah's capital city Kota Kinabalu (wait, 2 hours? it took us like more than 3 hours). "Rumbia" or "sago" comes from the family of palmae. It is mostly found in Kuala Penyu and the surrounding districts of Beaufort and Papar. The starch or sago that is rich in carbohydrate is an alternative staple food for the Bisayas and Kadazan (Dusun Tatana) people and is locally known as "ambuyat".

No part of the sago palm is discarded. The locals use the leaves as roofing materials and the branches (known locally as kumbar) for making their house's walls. Floor mats and baskets are just some examples of things made entirely from the plant.

Since we've never been to Kuala Penyu before, we were a bit confused which road to follow. We turned right following a signboard leading us to the ferry terminal. It's a long road through village houses. Their house are big. Part of the road are still under construction. Noticed lotsa locals selling watermelons at the road side. We stopped few times for direction. The old man selling watermelons told us the road is still long and we're still far away from the ferry terminal. Mum saw some "hoya" plant at the road side and dad reverse the car and cut those plant to bring home. This is one long road.

We didn't know that we had to actually take the ferry to get to the town area. We reached at the ferry terminal at around 11am, which is the time they go for break. So, for those waited in line at that time, had to wait 30 minutes for the next trip across. Me and mum were holding our bladder for that period of time coz the public toilet there was closed. The local sundry shops didn't have any toilet. I wonder why they didn't have a bridge to get across? *curious. Makes me wonder. Took some shots while waiting.

lotsa these tiny crabs around there

ferry schedule and 30 minute breaks

some rules need to be followed

this is where we at

waiting to get to this side (which is the town area)

It's creepy in a fun kinda way. What an experience! The ferry could fit 11 cars (as we counted). *negative thoughts, go away! We stopped at a public toilet as soon as we reach to the other side. Then we got a bit lost again coz we didn't notice the signboard pointing right at the junction.

Dad had to drive 7km to Sawangan Beach where the festival being held. Mannnnnnnn wut a long road. Long boring road. It's so frustrating. My dad keep on saying "yeah, we reach already", but actually we haven't reach at all. Till the end only we reach. Lotsa people there. Lotsa cars. I took a shot of the entrance but it doesn't look so gewd coz of the dumpster in front of the entrance.

the view from where I'm standing to the jety is certainly beautiful

The locals taking advantage by making business, like fewd stalls, and use their land as parking area with a fee of RM2. Some interesting stuff would be the things I never seen before. A lot of fewd stalls, handicraft stalls, traditional dances and etc. These are taken there.

stalls selling souvenirs and handicraft

people stiring sago (this shot a bit hard to take, got people keep blocking my view, thank gawd, I manage to take a nice shot)

leaves use as roofing materials and the branches (known locally as kumbar) for making their house's walls and roofs

ulat sago, these are eaten raw. very juicy. my dad had one of those. but I didn't get any shot of him eating it coz I was doing something else. sorry dad

another thing use for sago, not sure wut it's for. anybody?

not sure what this thing is called but it's part of those sago. look! got people and sponsors *hiks~

dart game (there's some other games, but didn't take any shot coz too many people)

There's certainly a lot of people and it's very hot indeed.

satay kupang digoreng (fried mussels). tasty! IT'S AN ADDICTION!!! *drools~

Had lunch there and tried kupang goreng. RM1 each. We bought RM15. We missed out on the fishing competition and they were about to have kayak-ing competition. I only took few shots during their warm-up session.

kayak-ing session hee~

Can't remember wut time we went off. But on the way back, I fell asleep for awhile till dad stopped to buy some fish. He bought 3 kinds of fish. I'll take some photos of it later when I get back home. Reached home at around 5pm I think. Or maybe earlier? Not sure.

Overall, the trip was a bit tiring. Maybe coz of the long straight road?

Reference: All, Sabah Tourism Board

Friday, July 07, 2006

Wut did I do today? *thinks. I was looking for photoshop tutorials again. I must be really bored. Anyways, I didn't do much at work as usual. Mostly listen to music to fill my time.

*thinking again. I need to wash my car. It didn't rain for 2 days now. It's so hot. I tell you. Try standing outside for few minutes or maybe seconds? You'll probably be fried. Heehhe.

Though, I was hungry around 3pm and surprisingly my boss came in today. Ooooooo I should say dat I'm totally surprise dat the PA put on "tudung". Even our Accountant had a gewd laugh becoz of it. My gawd.

Besides that, my boss made a sarcastic remark/comment to one of my colleague by saying this: "Eh, you still work here?". Duh~! You make stewped remarks but dun do shite about it? Hello? Earth to mars? Anyways, my colleague juz smiled at him.

It took me 20 minute to reach home today. Hmmm, thinking that today I have a really bad hair day. My gel or maybe me not fully working. My hair didn't get the effect I wanted. It looks like "eww".

Btw, I'm going to Kuala Penyu with my parents tomorrow for "Sago Fest" or "Pesta Rumbia". What is this you may ask? Check the sabah tourism website for more info. Click here

Again, not much excitement. Wanted to take some shots of the new kitties, it was a bit too late. So, gonna take it tomorrow then. Till then, I need to fully charge my battery for tomorrow's event. Weeeeeeeeeeeee.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

So I came back as usual. Reach home at around 5pm. Later to have found out that my house blackout since 1pm. *sigh. Its been out for hours till 6:30pm. I was so bored. I went around the house few times to take some photo. Well, surprising, I found a froggie. I'll upload the photo later. I'm too sleepy actually rite now. But excited at the same time hee.

Why? Coz my fren sent me photo of the kitties she wanted to gimme for adoption. Hee. Here are the photos.

i pick this one!!! coz this is the 1st pix i saw and i fall in love the moment i saw him/her *hee :D

a look alike. hmmm dun think i want the same ones?

this one reminds me of my cat, few years back. now dun wanna have the same kitty

and my second choice is this one. since my fren giving me 2 hee~ :D loving it. anyways, my fren said this one is the blur blur type one. oooooo dat's so me.

So, there, 1st and last kitty is gonna be my kitty yay~ so now need to think of names. But before that, I must get it and check for their gender hee~ any suggestions for names?

Anyways, I forgot to mention that my cat "Pretty" beranak. Got 4 kittens. Total kitty at home = 5 big cats + 6 kittens = 11 kitties. *hee~

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

This is wut I call terrible dissapointment for not backing up wut I typed earlier. *crap! shite! *hee~ anyways, dun bother. I'll retype then. As I was saying...

Today I went out for work at around 7:35am. The thought of going out early dun seem to work for me. It must be the working environment. No dicipline. *hee~ Why I got off late you may ask? Dad passed me some cheque for our car insurance. I had to run up to my room to get those cheque deposit slips. Oooo well.

Reached parking area at around passed 8am. I didn't wait long, oh that's nice. If I'm not mistaken, ice truck seem to drop by everyday to send some ice cubes to restaurants around my office area. I guess those loaders? or wutever you call, can recognize me and my car. Coz I'll be waiting for parking there everyday. Sometimes it's weird that you think that you might know them just by waiting there. Guess that doesn't happen to just the ice truck. There's some familiar faces there everyday.

After I parked my car, I walked to my office. One of the loaders were saying something like expressing wow. Ok I can't remember the word. I typed it earlier but now I forgot. I think he was refering to my hair. I put lotsa gel today. But it looks great!

Today, office is a bit empty. The office is always empty if you ask me. I was updating this blog earlier and uploading photos I took when I went to Kudat. I guess that's what I did whole day. I went to the bank at around 10:30am and came back half an hour later. My colleague was telling me that the boss had given the PA 2 option. Either to resign or to be fired? And this only happens after the computer course. I guess. Hmm, why you may ask? Coz since she started the whole not showing up for work thinggie and gets full salary did brought up some dissatisfaction among other staff. So, everyone is doing it nowadays. The boss have no other choice but to let her go. But I still wonder how she gonna pay off her debts. Well, that's basically none of my business anyway rite? Lunch was bad. Tasteless, lost my appetite becoz of it. Nothing interesting. Went off at 4:30pm as usual.

Slept after 10pm again. Maybe around 11pm or maybe midnite. Noi~!!! I should get to sleep early noi~~~

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


It's been awhile since I last post anything. Actually I wanted to post some shots I took during my trip to Sipitang. But since I got a little lazy to edit and upload the photos I took on that day, I didn't get to post anything. Besides, I actually got a draft of it but was consider "lazy".

So, here's the update on that day and today.

UH UH! Imagine this. The post should be done on 16th June 2006 but here's the post. Sorry to dissapoint my loyal readers (if there's any? Well, I know lil one is my most loyal reader of all time ever! Thanks ya~ *hugs)

The 3 Days Leave

For those who were wondering where I've been for the past 3 days...Actually, I've been nowhere. Besides being sick last Tuesday. Not being able to stand up properly. I had fever on that day. Was only feeling better on Wednesday noon.

look at us. our face. our hair. sweating and messy hair hee~
from left: me, pui wai and sella

On Wednesday, planned to meet my fren, Pui Wai (knew her since college years). Suppose to meet her that morning but Sella (another college mate)couldn't make it. Picked Sella up at Wisma Merdeka and went to CPS to meet Pui Wai. Had lunch with Sella at the food court at Palm Square while we wait for Pui Wai. Only get to meet Pui Wai at around 3pm. Drove to Philippine Market and went around. It was definately hot and all of us are all sweating. We wanted to take photo earlier at CPS but somehow forgotten. Then when we reach the market, the view wasn't that great and somewhat too crowded for us. In the end, at around 4pm-ish, we sent Pui Wai back to the hotel and took some photos at a bench near the lift heading to Wawasan Plaza. Well, at least we got few shots?

Trip to Sipitang

On Thursday, I took another day off (that makes it 3 days). Joined my parents to Sipitang. Went off at around 6am and damn I only had 5 hours sleep. I dun think it's enough for me but I dun feel sleepy at that time, so, yeah. Well I guess I'm excited of going places I've never been before? We stopped at Membakut for breakfast. I guess it's still too early and the restaurant only had soto ayam and daging. Dad bought tausa pau. It was raining. It took more than 2 hours to reach Sipitang. Dad dropped us at Tamu Sipitang. He went to meeting to find out that it has been prosponed and he wasn't informed about it. Me and mum went around the Tamu and I find it a bit boring coz I couldn't seem to find anything that I like. I think Tamu Kota Belud is way more interesting. Had satay while waiting for dad. We couldn't call him coz he didn't bring his handphone and we seem to forgot to leave a phone with him. Waited till around 11am-ish. I think. Was lucky that I saw dad's car turning.

We dropped by at Weston. I have no idea why. Mum saw some wild monkeys along the road to the town area and it's all bushie.

some wild plants/fruits along the road?

Oooo it's like nothing there, well at least there's a mosque and a hall? Like not properly maintained place.

the mosque

the shops?

People were staring at me while my dad turn the car around and I was taking some shots of the place. On the way back, we thought that we might saw the same monkey there (actually we thought there's only like 1 wild monkeys). Later to have found out that there's actually a lot, I mean a lot of wild monkeys there. Kinda creepy for me though.

Along the road to Beaufort, we saw lotsa bikers (I think they are from Brunei, by looking at the plat?), we stopped at a house at the side of the road. Mum had mistaken it for a nursery coz she was attracted by the flowers there. Took some shots but tired of editing and uploading.

while waiting for mum asking some restaurant whether they have the chicken my brother had ordered *hiks~

We went to Beaufort for a very nice chicken dish that my brother had suggested. I think the chicken was quite expensive. I'm not sure how many times my dad drive around coz we didn't know the name of the restaurant. The only information given by my brother was that it's in front of the road and next to it is a sundry shop. Thank gawd we found it.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

while waiting for mum, took a shot of Beaufort Bridge. this shot doesn't look so nice looking from where I'm at?

Dropped by at a place before Papar (I forgot what it's called, sorry). Went there to collect some items. This shot of my dad holding a "gambus" is quite funny, dun you think?

dad said, he can play but people won't understand wut he's playing *rofl

Oooo anyways, anybody wondering where you could get it, could ask me, available in small size as decoration/souvenirs, also available as keychain. *hiks~ promoting.

Boring day at work

Date: 3rd July 2006 (Monday)

So I was bored. And there's nothing to do. Well I did manage to fix my network sharing thinggie. Thank gawd! *hiks. Monday is owez a boring day at work. Anyways, I was browsing in the papers for vacancy for a friend. Ok who knows where got vacant for "Quantity Surveyor", please notify me, Thank yew! :D

I was bored, whole day bored I should say. I'm browsing Photoshop CS2 and guess what I did? Look! Look! So, what you guys think?

used one of my old photos. *hiks long straight hair. not forgetting the part where I cleaned the face?

When mumu was sleeping

don't he look funny? it's his fav spot

Trip to Kudat

Date: 4th July 2006

It's Tuesday, I was preparing for work as usual. At around before 7:30am, I'll be having my breakfast or "tapau" to work. As I was about to go get my breakfast, mum asked me whether I wanted to follow them to Kota Marudu. And as usual, I'll be asking questions like "going with who?", "what for?" and so on. But I was excited and I think I never been there? Or I did few years back? Maybe I forgot. I just quickly change my clothes and get ready to go yay~. I called my office to inform "makcik" (the auntie cleaner) that I won't be coming in today. Though she sound a bit dissapointed since most of my colleague will be attending computer course at AMC today. Well, I'm sorry but I wanted to go. *hiks~

So, we left at around 8:15am coz my dad will be sending my sis, Lyne ("the DJ") to work every morning. No exception with today. Before reach my sis's office, she was asking for my handphone, so, I loaned it to her for awhile. She typed something and sent a sms. Then told me to support her by voting her for "sms popular DJ thinggie?"Well, being the nice (*vomits at wut I'm saying) person I am (NOT!), I sent sms to 3 of my friends who know my sis to vote for her. Noted: Ok, for those who wanted to vote for my sis, they can send sms by typing DJS SLINA and send to 32770. Geez~ I hope I got this right. Uh and visit RTM Sabah Website for more info.

Anyways, on the way, my dad was asking me whether I've been to Kota Marudu or Kudat. And I think I said I'm not sure. Maybe I did but I dun have any memory of it since I'm getting old and I can't remember anything properly these days. Or maybe I stored too much of my childhood memories that I have no room for new ones? *Bahhhh~~~ who cares anyways rite?

Back to my story here. Anyways, we stopped at a place around Tuaran for breakfast? Wait, does that count as breakfast or lunch? I wasn't eating that much. I had fried mee (mee goreng basah). My dad said the chicken rice there is really tasty. He had "nasi lemak". He said that taste gewd too. Oooo I was too dizzy to be eating too much. I share the fried mee with mum. Continue our journey. As we were passing Tenghilan, I was still feeling dizzy and I felt like I'm gonna puke. Why you may ask the dizziness? Well, this is why I said I can't read in a moving car. Including reading sms. *hiks. Call me weird or anything but dat doesn't work for me at all *hehehe.

At some point, I dunno suddenly dad ask whether we wanted to go to Ostrich Farm. Sure we do, I was still feeling dizzy and dad open the window gimme some air. *hiks. That's one far place. There's signboard no doubt but the place is like abandoned. How sad is that? The place looks nice since it's near the beach. I took some photos when we were there.

the main entrance

as stated, obviously and it stated there it's open from 9am to 5pm. i guess not?

Entrance fee:
for Adults = RM5
for non-Adults = RM3

this is wut we able to see from outside.

We couldn't get in, as you can see.

along the road to the ostrich farm, lotsa this plant/tree? is this one type of mengkuang? anybody? remember when went to outing with amy and acing. hmmm got this plant/tree oso at Tg. Aru Beach. can eat ka the fruit? but dun you adore the blue sky? dun you dun you?

besides that, got mushroom, not a bunch of it but few. look at it. how cute.

So, we decided to continue our journey to Kudat. Going out was kinda faster than when we got in. After that, we went to Bee Farm at Kampung Gombizau. (*lost, is this at Kudat? I think so *hiks)

on the left side is a brief information about the honey bee farm

Which is translated in 3 different language: English, Malay and Chinese. Though I'm juz gonna type the English one here.

Honey is valued by the Rungus for the high nutritional and other benefits. In the old days, a dry coconut branch would be burnt to attract bees into a container and transfered them to hives. Nowadays, a golodok or wooden box measuring about 12 inches on all sides is filled with burning coals to emit smoke to attract the honey bees into the box and left it for about a month in the jungle. The bees are then collected from the box and transfered to hives.

At Kg. Gombizau, visitors can see bee keeping activities and watch the processes at harvesting beeswax honey and royal jelly. (i hope I got those correctly *hee~)

the small bottle cost RM8 each and the bigger one is RM10 each (if i'm not mistaken). there's another type of honey which is the wild type ones. which cost RM18 each for small bottle. some are in containers cost RM10 each.

Dad bought some honey. I think this place look more well maintained than the Ostrich Farm we went earlier. Entrance fee is RM3 per person. There sure is a lot of babies around.

there's "gong" there too. this is juz opposite the toilet. next to the toilet looks like a stage. but didn't take photo of it

Then went to see some "beads" made by locals. No signboard when we got in, so we got a lil lost there. Entrance fee if I'm not mistaken is RM1.

some of the beads available for purchase

Traditional Rungus Longhouse is around this area too, but we didn't go there since we've been there before. So, for those who never been to Kudat before, I suggest them to go there coz there's a lot of interesting places to go there. Not forgetting there's a lot of "Gong"(another traditional instrument) there.

It's a very tiring day and we're hungry! On the way back from Kudat, we dropped by near to the junction between going to Kudat and Kota Marudu to get some groundnuts/peanuts. Some are steamed, some are fried with oil and some are fried with sand. Bought some and off we go.

peanuts in those packet cost RM2 each and some are RM3 each.

groundnuts/peanuts dried under hot sun

Along the road, some people are selling "jagung bakar" and some corns. Besides that, along the way back, these "daily use stuff" are to be seen too.

"tongkat ali", "tikar" and etc. ogie, ignore the middle part *hee~

It's such a beautiful scenery on the way going and coming back. Beautiful blue skies, green grass and trees, "padi" field. Oooooooo so nice. Sadly I didn't get those shots. Hee~ won't wanna stop my dad.

Ooo forgot to mention. My dad was teasing me or maybe he's influenced by the local tv series called "Senario". He keep on saying "take picture, take picture" to me. He definately doesn't sound serious when saying that. Sound so like tourist hehehe. Though I find it funny.

On the way back, stopped at Kota Belud for lunch. Would u call 4pm lunch? I dun think so. Anyways, we were looking for Chinese restaurant coz mum wanted to eat fried Talapia. Oooooooooo tasty fried Talapia. But couldn't find any. We found a chinese restaurant there but it was some other fish. And we had rice, fried taugeh with salted fish and taufu with mushroom. It was ok. Cost about RM30-ish. Ooooo definately a lot of gas. Gastric. Woooo~~~ I had 2 tablet of ACTAL. That doesn't work. *hiks~ Ooooooo damn gastric lasted so long. After lunch till now still got gas. Mannn~ dat sucks!

Anyways, overall, the trip was GREAT! I definately wanna do it again! Weeeeeeeeeeeee *rolls around.

Well that's it.

Noted: *panic mode. Uh uh must finish and post! I MUST! More like on hyper mode. *bugs mumu. Oooooo that reminds me. My dad calls Timmie (the cat), momo *rofl.


Noted: Haven't finish uploading photos. Oooo too sleepy. Will do it tomorrow hee~