Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wanted to share this froggie photo I took last month. I'm not fond of it, but I feel gewd to be able to capture it. It's not such a great photo since the froggie not in the open. Well then, I gotta say, this froggie reminds me of my sis, Tina *rofl. *kidding!

I can't stop thinking that there might be snakes around there, gawd u can't imagine how freakie it was to be sitting there and thinking about it all the time. *phobia~

Meanwhile, I took some shots of the kitties.

emma loves to play :D I even took videos of her jumping around hee~ too cute

elliot loves to play too. emma and elliot will owez chase each other around

tabby mu ain't that active. she loves to be pampered. she definately love tummy rub hee :D

Shite! I seriously need to sleep early. *sigh. Lately been sleeping really late. Ohhh my eyes. My body. I feel so weak. Ooooo anyways, I did these when I was at work. I was bored and the line sucks. I can online up till noon argh~ so frustrating. Their reason would be server down for international sites. Duh~! Mine doesn't work at all *shiesh.

Anyways, the main idea is to design an icon for my photos, coz the old one is a bit too small and I used psp7 to design that. Since I've learned to use ps cs2, I decided to create a new one and set it as brush so would be easier for me. :D Instead, I got these heh

Well the idea of the square face people is by acing a.k.a rob-jr. Hee, you can find his link at my side bar hee :D I juz got a bit carried away hee :D

the icon for my photos. look ogie? no?


hahahah this is funny. that time, i thought of making some brushes. i came up with this one. though i gotta say, this look a bit like my 2nd sis, tina (*upu) hahahah

the earlier version of the square people thinggie. i created these using psp7. heh. the ones above I did use ps cs2 hee. yes, i'm still getting used to it heh~

Bahhhhh~~ I didn't had any rice today. Am hungry rite now. Drink more water. I feel so weak. Oooo though I need to lose weight and I need to get some sleep argh~


  1. did u knw that in sabah got 100 spices of frogs.. and we have like 88% of the world frogs population...

    lol, u knw how i knw all this figure? coz yesterday i went to a seminar on Nature Tourism and they were promoting Anurans Tourism too. (psst.. btw, Anurans means frog just in case ur wondering ;p )