Thursday, July 06, 2006

So I came back as usual. Reach home at around 5pm. Later to have found out that my house blackout since 1pm. *sigh. Its been out for hours till 6:30pm. I was so bored. I went around the house few times to take some photo. Well, surprising, I found a froggie. I'll upload the photo later. I'm too sleepy actually rite now. But excited at the same time hee.

Why? Coz my fren sent me photo of the kitties she wanted to gimme for adoption. Hee. Here are the photos.

i pick this one!!! coz this is the 1st pix i saw and i fall in love the moment i saw him/her *hee :D

a look alike. hmmm dun think i want the same ones?

this one reminds me of my cat, few years back. now dun wanna have the same kitty

and my second choice is this one. since my fren giving me 2 hee~ :D loving it. anyways, my fren said this one is the blur blur type one. oooooo dat's so me.

So, there, 1st and last kitty is gonna be my kitty yay~ so now need to think of names. But before that, I must get it and check for their gender hee~ any suggestions for names?

Anyways, I forgot to mention that my cat "Pretty" beranak. Got 4 kittens. Total kitty at home = 5 big cats + 6 kittens = 11 kitties. *hee~


  1. hmmm.. cat's name?

  2. hahahhaha too cute! missy --> like my fren's kitty name. dun want! :P

  3. Dun even know which one is male and which one is female... or if same gender...hard to suggest... name the blur one Mas the Second!

    Hmm... 11 cats... and u ask ur friend for 2 more... so you have thirteen... and any black cats? :P

  4. black cats. not anymore. they died of old age hee. well not fully black la.

    no no no. now have er 9 coz the kitties from the cat "pretty" died 3. the mum telan sudah. tinggal satu, si "gendut".