Saturday, July 29, 2006

So, yesterday me and mum pick my sis up at airport. She arrived here at around 4pm. Wow, ogie, I noticed the airport is under construction. Definately lotsa changes. Kewlness. I wish it could be bigger yay~ Was lucky that there's a space for me to park while waiting for her to come out. Once arrived, I think she can't stop talking. Geez~ that's one thing I wanna avoid. Her too much talking. Well, it's not a bad thing but er, too much will "kill" me. *hee :D gomene~ neechan~ I still love you! *hug~

Anyways, after that, went to Putatan since mum wanted to get something to eat. But there ain't anything interesting there. So, she only bought banana and something else which I dun think I know. While waiting for mum, my sis starting to take things out from her bag. She's like totally can't wait to show us the kewl things she bought. Well, I dun mind hahahaha. She's totally funny. Funnily cute. I should get some shots of her hahahahha. Be my model! yay~

On the way back, we stopped at this chinese restaurant to get some fewd. Mum got us deep fried talapia cooked with soy sauce and fried khailan with garlic. Damn nice!

Damn, I felt so selfish. Coz most of the things she brought back are mine!!! MINE!!! MINE MINE MINE!!! *grins~ hee. Ooo and since we roughly have the same size. I can wear her clothes. Well some of it. Her pants, you can forget it. Not my size. Mine is bigger *sadly to say. *sigh~

She can't stop toking to my mum. Hee~ at one point I think I wanted to stop listening hahahahaha. I'm bad. Yes I know hee~ anyways, off to bed at around midnite. Oooo but before that, she massage my mum's and my leg hee. So comfie. I feel fresh! Then last nite she wanted to online but the line = stewped. So, this morning, I woke up coz her handphone alarm --> damn loud!!! Shite! shite shite shite! This is why I hate noise. I can't sleep with noise. Very sensitive ears. Surprisingly, she's still sleeping. And yes, she dun mind the noise. *sigh~ Oh well. I brushed my teeth and washed my face, went downstairs and clean kitty cage and feed em yay~ Now obviously I'm blogging *hee~ hungry oledi.

- to be continued...


  1. hahaha wat a day to start with... hehehe... my part coming up hehehe

  2. yeah..hehehe yeah been waiting for ur post :P

  3. well, no need to add the part about you being bad... we all know tht :P