Tuesday, July 04, 2006


It's been awhile since I last post anything. Actually I wanted to post some shots I took during my trip to Sipitang. But since I got a little lazy to edit and upload the photos I took on that day, I didn't get to post anything. Besides, I actually got a draft of it but was consider "lazy".

So, here's the update on that day and today.

UH UH! Imagine this. The post should be done on 16th June 2006 but here's the post. Sorry to dissapoint my loyal readers (if there's any? Well, I know lil one is my most loyal reader of all time ever! Thanks ya~ *hugs)

The 3 Days Leave

For those who were wondering where I've been for the past 3 days...Actually, I've been nowhere. Besides being sick last Tuesday. Not being able to stand up properly. I had fever on that day. Was only feeling better on Wednesday noon.

look at us. our face. our hair. sweating and messy hair hee~
from left: me, pui wai and sella

On Wednesday, planned to meet my fren, Pui Wai (knew her since college years). Suppose to meet her that morning but Sella (another college mate)couldn't make it. Picked Sella up at Wisma Merdeka and went to CPS to meet Pui Wai. Had lunch with Sella at the food court at Palm Square while we wait for Pui Wai. Only get to meet Pui Wai at around 3pm. Drove to Philippine Market and went around. It was definately hot and all of us are all sweating. We wanted to take photo earlier at CPS but somehow forgotten. Then when we reach the market, the view wasn't that great and somewhat too crowded for us. In the end, at around 4pm-ish, we sent Pui Wai back to the hotel and took some photos at a bench near the lift heading to Wawasan Plaza. Well, at least we got few shots?

Trip to Sipitang

On Thursday, I took another day off (that makes it 3 days). Joined my parents to Sipitang. Went off at around 6am and damn I only had 5 hours sleep. I dun think it's enough for me but I dun feel sleepy at that time, so, yeah. Well I guess I'm excited of going places I've never been before? We stopped at Membakut for breakfast. I guess it's still too early and the restaurant only had soto ayam and daging. Dad bought tausa pau. It was raining. It took more than 2 hours to reach Sipitang. Dad dropped us at Tamu Sipitang. He went to meeting to find out that it has been prosponed and he wasn't informed about it. Me and mum went around the Tamu and I find it a bit boring coz I couldn't seem to find anything that I like. I think Tamu Kota Belud is way more interesting. Had satay while waiting for dad. We couldn't call him coz he didn't bring his handphone and we seem to forgot to leave a phone with him. Waited till around 11am-ish. I think. Was lucky that I saw dad's car turning.

We dropped by at Weston. I have no idea why. Mum saw some wild monkeys along the road to the town area and it's all bushie.

some wild plants/fruits along the road?

Oooo it's like nothing there, well at least there's a mosque and a hall? Like not properly maintained place.

the mosque

the shops?

People were staring at me while my dad turn the car around and I was taking some shots of the place. On the way back, we thought that we might saw the same monkey there (actually we thought there's only like 1 wild monkeys). Later to have found out that there's actually a lot, I mean a lot of wild monkeys there. Kinda creepy for me though.

Along the road to Beaufort, we saw lotsa bikers (I think they are from Brunei, by looking at the plat?), we stopped at a house at the side of the road. Mum had mistaken it for a nursery coz she was attracted by the flowers there. Took some shots but tired of editing and uploading.

while waiting for mum asking some restaurant whether they have the chicken my brother had ordered *hiks~

We went to Beaufort for a very nice chicken dish that my brother had suggested. I think the chicken was quite expensive. I'm not sure how many times my dad drive around coz we didn't know the name of the restaurant. The only information given by my brother was that it's in front of the road and next to it is a sundry shop. Thank gawd we found it.

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while waiting for mum, took a shot of Beaufort Bridge. this shot doesn't look so nice looking from where I'm at?

Dropped by at a place before Papar (I forgot what it's called, sorry). Went there to collect some items. This shot of my dad holding a "gambus" is quite funny, dun you think?

dad said, he can play but people won't understand wut he's playing *rofl

Oooo anyways, anybody wondering where you could get it, could ask me, available in small size as decoration/souvenirs, also available as keychain. *hiks~ promoting.

Boring day at work

Date: 3rd July 2006 (Monday)

So I was bored. And there's nothing to do. Well I did manage to fix my network sharing thinggie. Thank gawd! *hiks. Monday is owez a boring day at work. Anyways, I was browsing in the papers for vacancy for a friend. Ok who knows where got vacant for "Quantity Surveyor", please notify me, Thank yew! :D

I was bored, whole day bored I should say. I'm browsing Photoshop CS2 and guess what I did? Look! Look! So, what you guys think?

used one of my old photos. *hiks long straight hair. not forgetting the part where I cleaned the face?

When mumu was sleeping

don't he look funny? it's his fav spot

Trip to Kudat

Date: 4th July 2006

It's Tuesday, I was preparing for work as usual. At around before 7:30am, I'll be having my breakfast or "tapau" to work. As I was about to go get my breakfast, mum asked me whether I wanted to follow them to Kota Marudu. And as usual, I'll be asking questions like "going with who?", "what for?" and so on. But I was excited and I think I never been there? Or I did few years back? Maybe I forgot. I just quickly change my clothes and get ready to go yay~. I called my office to inform "makcik" (the auntie cleaner) that I won't be coming in today. Though she sound a bit dissapointed since most of my colleague will be attending computer course at AMC today. Well, I'm sorry but I wanted to go. *hiks~

So, we left at around 8:15am coz my dad will be sending my sis, Lyne ("the DJ") to work every morning. No exception with today. Before reach my sis's office, she was asking for my handphone, so, I loaned it to her for awhile. She typed something and sent a sms. Then told me to support her by voting her for "sms popular DJ thinggie?"Well, being the nice (*vomits at wut I'm saying) person I am (NOT!), I sent sms to 3 of my friends who know my sis to vote for her. Noted: Ok, for those who wanted to vote for my sis, they can send sms by typing DJS SLINA and send to 32770. Geez~ I hope I got this right. Uh and visit RTM Sabah Website for more info.

Anyways, on the way, my dad was asking me whether I've been to Kota Marudu or Kudat. And I think I said I'm not sure. Maybe I did but I dun have any memory of it since I'm getting old and I can't remember anything properly these days. Or maybe I stored too much of my childhood memories that I have no room for new ones? *Bahhhh~~~ who cares anyways rite?

Back to my story here. Anyways, we stopped at a place around Tuaran for breakfast? Wait, does that count as breakfast or lunch? I wasn't eating that much. I had fried mee (mee goreng basah). My dad said the chicken rice there is really tasty. He had "nasi lemak". He said that taste gewd too. Oooo I was too dizzy to be eating too much. I share the fried mee with mum. Continue our journey. As we were passing Tenghilan, I was still feeling dizzy and I felt like I'm gonna puke. Why you may ask the dizziness? Well, this is why I said I can't read in a moving car. Including reading sms. *hiks. Call me weird or anything but dat doesn't work for me at all *hehehe.

At some point, I dunno suddenly dad ask whether we wanted to go to Ostrich Farm. Sure we do, I was still feeling dizzy and dad open the window gimme some air. *hiks. That's one far place. There's signboard no doubt but the place is like abandoned. How sad is that? The place looks nice since it's near the beach. I took some photos when we were there.

the main entrance

as stated, obviously and it stated there it's open from 9am to 5pm. i guess not?

Entrance fee:
for Adults = RM5
for non-Adults = RM3

this is wut we able to see from outside.

We couldn't get in, as you can see.

along the road to the ostrich farm, lotsa this plant/tree? is this one type of mengkuang? anybody? remember when went to outing with amy and acing. hmmm got this plant/tree oso at Tg. Aru Beach. can eat ka the fruit? but dun you adore the blue sky? dun you dun you?

besides that, got mushroom, not a bunch of it but few. look at it. how cute.

So, we decided to continue our journey to Kudat. Going out was kinda faster than when we got in. After that, we went to Bee Farm at Kampung Gombizau. (*lost, is this at Kudat? I think so *hiks)

on the left side is a brief information about the honey bee farm

Which is translated in 3 different language: English, Malay and Chinese. Though I'm juz gonna type the English one here.

Honey is valued by the Rungus for the high nutritional and other benefits. In the old days, a dry coconut branch would be burnt to attract bees into a container and transfered them to hives. Nowadays, a golodok or wooden box measuring about 12 inches on all sides is filled with burning coals to emit smoke to attract the honey bees into the box and left it for about a month in the jungle. The bees are then collected from the box and transfered to hives.

At Kg. Gombizau, visitors can see bee keeping activities and watch the processes at harvesting beeswax honey and royal jelly. (i hope I got those correctly *hee~)

the small bottle cost RM8 each and the bigger one is RM10 each (if i'm not mistaken). there's another type of honey which is the wild type ones. which cost RM18 each for small bottle. some are in containers cost RM10 each.

Dad bought some honey. I think this place look more well maintained than the Ostrich Farm we went earlier. Entrance fee is RM3 per person. There sure is a lot of babies around.

there's "gong" there too. this is juz opposite the toilet. next to the toilet looks like a stage. but didn't take photo of it

Then went to see some "beads" made by locals. No signboard when we got in, so we got a lil lost there. Entrance fee if I'm not mistaken is RM1.

some of the beads available for purchase

Traditional Rungus Longhouse is around this area too, but we didn't go there since we've been there before. So, for those who never been to Kudat before, I suggest them to go there coz there's a lot of interesting places to go there. Not forgetting there's a lot of "Gong"(another traditional instrument) there.

It's a very tiring day and we're hungry! On the way back from Kudat, we dropped by near to the junction between going to Kudat and Kota Marudu to get some groundnuts/peanuts. Some are steamed, some are fried with oil and some are fried with sand. Bought some and off we go.

peanuts in those packet cost RM2 each and some are RM3 each.

groundnuts/peanuts dried under hot sun

Along the road, some people are selling "jagung bakar" and some corns. Besides that, along the way back, these "daily use stuff" are to be seen too.

"tongkat ali", "tikar" and etc. ogie, ignore the middle part *hee~

It's such a beautiful scenery on the way going and coming back. Beautiful blue skies, green grass and trees, "padi" field. Oooooooo so nice. Sadly I didn't get those shots. Hee~ won't wanna stop my dad.

Ooo forgot to mention. My dad was teasing me or maybe he's influenced by the local tv series called "Senario". He keep on saying "take picture, take picture" to me. He definately doesn't sound serious when saying that. Sound so like tourist hehehe. Though I find it funny.

On the way back, stopped at Kota Belud for lunch. Would u call 4pm lunch? I dun think so. Anyways, we were looking for Chinese restaurant coz mum wanted to eat fried Talapia. Oooooooooo tasty fried Talapia. But couldn't find any. We found a chinese restaurant there but it was some other fish. And we had rice, fried taugeh with salted fish and taufu with mushroom. It was ok. Cost about RM30-ish. Ooooo definately a lot of gas. Gastric. Woooo~~~ I had 2 tablet of ACTAL. That doesn't work. *hiks~ Ooooooo damn gastric lasted so long. After lunch till now still got gas. Mannn~ dat sucks!

Anyways, overall, the trip was GREAT! I definately wanna do it again! Weeeeeeeeeeeee *rolls around.

Well that's it.

Noted: *panic mode. Uh uh must finish and post! I MUST! More like on hyper mode. *bugs mumu. Oooooo that reminds me. My dad calls Timmie (the cat), momo *rofl.


Noted: Haven't finish uploading photos. Oooo too sleepy. Will do it tomorrow hee~


  1. u went to the plcs in Kudat that i wanted to go (eg. the honey farm, plc they made gongs.. )

    upload more pics from kudat.. ada gambar simpang mengayau?

    oh and take care of urself.. balik balik sakit saja ko nih...

  2. u know wut? we nearly go to simpang mengayau? terus my dad was like 41km. want ka? then my mum said penat. adidi i said. oh well, guess we'll go there next time. want to go there? want want want?

  3. can bah, u organise the trip then i join :D

  4. wahhahahahha but first kita mo cari drebar mwahhaha punya men jat se ni

  5. Good thing you added tht u can't read in the car... if not I'd be wondering if there was another reason you were sick in the morning :P

    That was one damn long post! Hmm... you spent one day road trip and made such a loong post. I spent Fri-Mon in Sandakan and never posted anything... heh.

  6. Hmm... my previous comment was just about Update 5: I didn't realise that all of that from the first part was ONE post....

    Aights then, comment time.

    You're welcome aunty. And yes, we know you're lazy. But then my blog hasn't been updated for ages either. :P

    Update Part I :

    Hmm... one day can't stand up, next day can go shopping... Really sick or just lazy on Tues?

    Update Part II:

    Wanna see pics of a monkey? I can get you a mirror! JK. Just realised I dunno if I've ever heard a gambus. Think all the Sabah songs I've heard used modern instruments... (unless you count the bamboo pipes... sompoton? sp?)

    Update Part III:

    Your work sounds easy! Hmm.. pic reminds me of Japanese horror movies :P

    Update Part IV:

    Ppl (well pets) sleeping also you go kacau... voyuer! :P

    Update Part V:

    See post above.

  7. hahhaha oh. got pesta gambus end of this month at papar leh lil one. er. yeah the photoshop thinggie was really easy. and yes i wasn't feeling so great on tuesday either but aircond can heal me hahahahhaha