Saturday, July 15, 2006

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I should get more sleeping hours. Lately, I went to bed around 1am. Urgh~ sleepiness. On Saturday, I wanted to sleep early but was chatting with some frens *hiks~.

Saturday, is the day I return missy to her owner. Went to bestmart with mum to shop for stuffs. Noiiiiiiii!!! They dun have maggie pan mee!!! I WANT I WANT I WANT :(

Was pretty much waiting for my bro to help me assemble my pc. Just in case I got it wrongly. Better be safe. Anyways, he's the greatest! He helped me look for my mobo and my hddisk without any extra charges. And helped me to assemble and install the windows and shite. Hoooooo. I felt guilty sometimes coz I felt like I was using him heee. Anyways, my new mobo and hddisk is up, so hopefully, I can use it wisely hee :D Haven't install my LCD Smartie yet. *curious. I stayed up till 1am again last nite coz I was installing all the software I needed. Oooooooo I'm nearly finish downloading "America's Next Top Model Season 5". Hehehehe, they gonna show it on Monday at 8pm on Channel V. *pftttttttt a bit outdated.

Ooooooooo my sis, Tina has a blog ei. But nothing up yet. *kicks. Oooooooooiii update it. Since u got so many things to say. Non-stop hee :P

At work now, crap! I forgot to copy my photos to thumbdrive. *hmph. Thought I can post something up at dA haih~ nvm, do later hee. What should I do today hmmm..*thinking, wut to eat for lunch. Or maybe I'll juz eat bread hee :)

*NOTED: Bitch at work goes missing hee (I thought she might already resign *pfttttttt)

my bro have 3 of this figurine. of different color. he said there's 6 kind and 1 limited edition that he wanted. eeeeeeeeee this is the cutest i've seen from his collection. am i crazy to get one for myself? hohohohohoho *grins


  1. Whatever the reason, you're crazy :P

  2. that, like that, cuz of that :P

  3. hahhahahhah *smack stop confusing me heeeh

  4. see? see?
    I rest my case

  5. hahahhaa noiiiiiiiiiiiii~~~~