Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I online almost 24 hours a day. So, why aren't I online last nite? -_- my windows corrupted. I dunno wut's wrong with it. I had to wait for my brother to come back for the cd. *hiks. Slept around 11pm coz I was looking at the ceiling. Woke up around nearly 3am coz it was too quiet. I sleep while watching southpark everyday. Hee~ bad habit indeed. I should move my pc outside, but I dun think that's a gewd idea hehehe.

Went off to work at about the same time. And now I forgot wut I wanted to say. Bahhhh~~~ I'll blog later. Something wrong with my memory. *hiks. Oh but wait. I remember it clearly now. I was gonna say that our TM directory, which is 103 sucks. Well not in their servicing. The customer service is nice but their directory is not updated. They dun have some numbers I wanted. Not one but 2. How come ah? Not everytime somebody register for a new line, they should like updated it in their system ah? Hmm wish they could like do something about it. :D they updated their website though. Hmmm

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