Monday, July 31, 2006

I planned to bring my sis out on Saturday, but she didn't want to *cries. She wanted to spend some time with mum. Hmm. Oh well. I took some shots of her. *damn she's darn photogenic *pfttttt~ *envy nyahahhaha kermit~ >_<"

I sometimes get a wittle motivated if I'm with her. *rofl. My laziness seems to be wearing off hahahhaha. *weirdness. We helped my dad in the garden. Yes, she was a little hyper if u ask me. If me I think I would be sleeping or watching tv *rofl. And guess wut? She had a fever after that. And she was sick for 2 days.

*hiks. On Sunday, plan to sleep longer. But her handphone alarm thinggie rang at around 7:30am. I wanted to strangle her but I didn't. I just wake up and turn the alarm off. *sigh. Return back to sleep. Then I received sms at around 8am. *sigh~ distractions!!!! *sigh. Umm finally woke up around 10am. I'm fine. *hiks~

Anyways, about the fire the other day. Umm saw the newspaper. It's actually the pharmacy there. Burn down. *hiks~

I'll continue blogging later. I'll post some photos indeed :D

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