Sunday, July 23, 2006

What I've been doing?

As always, I love browsing for music. Any music. I came across Värttinä. The first song I listen to is called "Synti" means "The Sin". This group is from Finland. I'm so falling in love with their songs. Anyways, for those who wanted to know more about them. Click here!


As planned earlier, I'm gonna have lunch with my x colleague, Junn. I went to her office with mum to pick her up. We went off at about 11:20am (I think? I can't remember but it was before 11:30am). Reached there around 11:45am. Thought wanted to eat at "Makanan Sihat" at Damai. But it's closed. Eh? Where did it go. Instead we went to "Sugar Bun" at Likas for lunch. I had rice with deep fried talapia. Same as mum. And Junn had chicken burger. No electricity there and it was very hot (refering to the weather and the fewd). A cat came to our table. *kaciannya~!!! He look a bit like Mumu. Only his furr is er that one consider orangie ka? Yes la. Couldn't take a shot of it coz my dad borrow my camera oledi. Too bad. Poor kitty. We gave him some fish. He looks really hungry. Wish we could bring him back home. We nearly finish our meal and another cat came to us. Looks like siblings. This time it's a female cat. They look so cute with those green eyes. Though she looks very scared of us. Like got signs of abuse. Wish somebody could find em a home :(

seriously. I do think this is cute. Hee~ :D normally I only put on shirts. Which I think way more comfortable hee :D

Anyways, after we send Junn back to her office. Me and mum went to KK Plaza. Mum wanted to go Servey Supermarket and to the Market to get some stuffs. We went window shopping first. I bought a top. A really cute top. Ogie. I seldom put on these kinda top but find this one damn cute. Heeheheh. Cost about RM37.90. I actually saw a few more of this kind that I wanted to buy but I'm kinda in the "broke" state. NO I DUN GET TO SHOP THAT OFTEN OGIE!? Shush!

After that, we went to the Market. Met my colleague, "makcik". She's selling "Penjaram". Her daughter is there too. Bought some and went around to find some fruits, vege and chicken. Bring it to the car at the carpark first and then went to Servey Supermarket. Bought some stuff. Not that much. I bought some dry kitten fewd. I think they like Friskies better than Whiskas brand. Hmmm oh well. I'll buy Friskies brand next time. I didn't get it this time coz it was a bit expensive than Whiskas brand. Anyways, bought milk for kitty too. They liked it :D *yay~ dance~ They smell. Should shower them tomorrow.

I have no idea why, but my left leg hurt really bad. I'M IN PAIN! Urgh. Must be tired. Only my left leg. Hmmm no idea why. Maybe I'm getting old *shite! At around 8pm, Ali G called me. Ask me out. Ehh, with this leg condition? I dun think I can walk. Hee, told him we go out some other time. Uhhh leg pain. At around 11pm, "blackout"!!! Stewped SESB. Gawd! I'm so bored coz normally I sleep with my computer on. Hee~ bad habit.


So, I woke up kinda late. Sleep late, wake up also late. *hiks~ my bad. I planned to wake up early but my eyes can't seem to open. *hee~ Anyways, feed my kitties. Cleaned their cage. Shower them. They smell much more better now. Dried em under a hot sun for awhile. And let em play outside for awhile. Little Tabby Mu doesn't seem the kind that likes to play. *sigh~ I wish she could run around like Emma and Elliot. Anyways, took some shots of them. Will post em later. Uh uh, while I was watching over them play outside. I saw one big butterfly and took more than a dozen shots of it. *yay~ I'm sho happy! Sho sho happy! Will post those later. Hee~ wait and see :D

little tabby mu and elliot. elliot is trying to get out to play with emma

"wut big eyes u got there..."

i guess she's wondering whether that meat in front of her eatable. and mas would say "dun eat it!!! it's full of fats!" hahahahhaha *kidding kidding. or maybe she might be thinking of this "izzit safe to go out mas?" *rofl~

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  1. Not getting old... already old.

  2. hahhahahahah *kicks lil one. mwahhahahaha

  3. aww.. too bad u got leg pain or else u'll be joining us ( me & ali ) lepaking on sunday afternoon... boy, i was darn tired on sunday.. none stop activities from early morning till late evening. phew~ what a sunday!

  4. leg sakit like shite on saturday. cannot walk man..on sunday i clean kitty cage and wash toilet. rajin se ni..*kunun~