Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Listening to: Tim (Hwang yong Min)
Location: At work

It's 12:05 noon. Had lunch earlier. Wanted to blog last nite but I was too sleepy. I didn't get to sleep early again. I was planning to sleep around 9:30pm-ish last nite but my fren, "beruang" (translated: bear), ask me to play ym pool with him. I sucked at it. As usual hee and I'm sleepy.

So, the kitties, instead of taking 2. I took all. It's not my fault. They are too cute! :D I get to know the kitty one by one. I'm suppose to give the tabby one to another fren but I got a lil too greedy. *hee~ sollie :P

so this is Emma (I named her). SHUDDUP! if you dun like the name. yes, it's a she. she's very energetic, active (active in the sense that she jumps around more than everybody else) and funny. adorable when she's sleeping. I think she's the big sis, looking at her size.

another she. her name is missy (my eldest sis named her). so, this is actually the blur one. i tot the other one. now i know why. she could juz sit somewhere and look at you without blinking. another unique thing about her is her white stripe which look like she's wearing a skirt. my mum sometimes calls her skirt instead of missy

the owner gave me a name. but she didn't name anybody. so this is "mu" or maybe spell as "moo"? anyways, i wanted to call her tabby at first but my bro called her mu/moo. i think her name will be lil tabby moo. she's the youngest and the cutest i think. cute not by her tabby look. cute when you rub her stomach and she could play for awhile till she sleeps in that position. very cute indeed

this is the only male cat from the bunch. i still dunno wut to call him. i wanted to call him "lenny". but i'm not so sure. my mum wanted to call him "tompok". but i dun like that name. hee~ maybe i'll give him back to his owner coz the mummy kitty looking for the kitties. my fren wanted it back to shut her up. *hiks. i dun wanna give back! mwahhaha *greedy

Another kitty at home, still young, I call him/her "gendut" (means fat), coz he/she is fat hhehehe and cute. I'll post up the photo when I get to.

What happen yesterday at work? Some of the staff her went to Computer Course at Kompleks Karamunsing. So, kinda boring and quiet. "Makcik" or auntie cleaner brought her daughter to accompany us. Well, at least there's a bit noise. Umm, I think too much noise. Very annoyed by it. She was sleeping in my room and she let the radio turn on very loud. I had to ask her to turn it off coz I find it annoying. Very noisy. I prefer peace and quiet in my room. It's lunch time and "makcik" and her daughter was sleeping in my room. I dun sleep at work. Trust me. I dun like to sleep at work. I only like to sleep at home, on a bed. Ahhhh comfort. Anyways, I know I shouldn't say this but I think I was annoyed with the loud snore coming from the daughter. I ignore it by putting on earphone, listening to music very loud. Well, that didn't help?

Was happy when she finally woke up. I think it was 2 hours of noise. Didn't had anything to do yesterday. I can't remember wut I was doing at work. Gosh~! Went off at 4:30pm till my eldest sis called me up to pick her up. Her excuse would be her leg still sore. *sigh~. No choice. I would ignore her but I couldn't, still got this nice part of me still wanting to help her even I dun like it. So, I reached there less than 10 minutes maybe. Waited till 5:20pm till she arrives. I think if I didn't call her up, she would probably be walking really slow. Heh~ I hate waiting for people.

Mum smsed me asking me where I was. I reached home and went to the tv room and told mum that I went to pick her "fat" daughter up. Well, I think easily tempered by my sis's behaviour. Heheh. *guilty. I took the kittens out from the cage and left them in a box at the tv room. Let them exercise. Told mum to look after them while I shower. I came down after shower. Heard mum and my sis laughing. Guess wut happen? 2 of the kitties shite at the newspaper my mum was reading and my sis was having her dinner there. No wonder they were laughing so loud. Left them for few hours to play. Put them back to the cage to sleep. Ooo and they got a lil hungry, so I feed em some rice mix with fish. Hee.

I told mum that I wanted a small space at the backyard for them to run around on the ground. Hee~ yay~ We'll build em something there. To jump and run around. Won't that be fun. At least they won't be bitten by dogs and get to exercise. Hee.

So, today, I went off early for work coz I need to pump some fuel. I dun like if my fuel look so lil. Even some people said it's enuff, but to me it's not hee. *paranoia. The funny part is when I called for the attendent to help me see whether the pump can reach the tank hole thinggie. He said can reach. The next thing you know, he's toking to me about this sexy girl? Hahhaha I can't stop laffing man. He was like saying "nothing wrong rite, looking at sexy girl when she's rite in front of you?" and I said "yeah, it's normal". Well, he's was refering to the sexy girl somewhere next to me I think. Hhahahah so funny. I guess she was really sexy that he didn't wanna miss any part till she went off.



  1. Hmmm... talk about greedy... rebut all the kittens plus ur old cats. Btw, Do cats fight over territory? Like if you bring home new ones, do the old ones get jealous?

  2. yeah. especially timmie. loves to fight over his territory. even against dogs. the other cats doesn't seem to have any problem. only him. minta puji! hahahahha

    but the kitties are cute hee :D