Thursday, October 29, 2009

Perro Loco

Sorry took me awhile to blog.  I'm still having problems with the computer at work.  It's too frigging slow.  There's lotsa things I can't do with that computer.  So, I'm requesting a new one.  A faster one.  I also need one for myself at home.  But, yes there's always a but to everything, money, I spent a lil too much on nendoroids.  *cough cough.

Aight, lets focus on what I'm about to blog today.

photo credit to Dino

Perro Loco, a new place located at Star City North (formerly known as Kompleks Asia City) ground floor.  It's actually facing Chung Hwa school.  This place sells South American hot dogs!  Ogie, maybe not just hot dogs but most of them are.  I've actually blogged about the fewds in my previous posts (here), but didn't make any intro wutsoever yet.

This place officially open a month ago.  I missed out during the opening coz uncle *roll eyes, invited me at the very last minute and being sleepy at that time, I couldn't give an answer, hence said I can't make it.  LOL.

But, since the past month, I've been going there, I won't say often but enough to try five (5) different fewd.  Oh yeah, the owner of this place is uncle's sister and her husband.

The menu

photo credit to Dino

Opens daily from 10am to 8pm.

Check out Dino's post during the opening, here.

My raves, here.

These are what I had today.

Beef and chicken tacos ;)

Chorillana, this is awesome!

Aight, this post is done. Mouth watering enuff?

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Updates: 1 week

Ogie, here's the situation.  The computer at work been having some problems that I couldn't access my blogger and gmail.  Wait, I can view but I can't comment or post anything.  Weirdness. 

I've been wondering why 4mbps line is uber slow?  *confused.  Pay so much but it's worst than 1mbps.  How odd.

On another note, nothing much happen, except the fact that I did a lot of driving this past week.  I mean seriously a lot that I'm getting tired from it.  It must be the U-turn! (*blames) and the fewd! (*more blaming).

*takes a deep breath.

I'm back on my jogging routine.  Must push myself coz friend said I look fat.  Bad! Very bad. 

Oh, I went to meet an ex colleague today.  It's been months since we hang out.  Oh and I got my first McD glass thinggie.  Of coz I had to take blue ;)  Besides, it's free.  One can't reject free fewd now could we?

Went and bought some scented candles.  And these (for the candles), *blames fren for impulse buying

These are way too cute.  Must have.

I've manage to arrange some of my PVC collectibles.

Nendoroids (I took the images from Hobby Search and combined it.)

This is roughly what I have, what I will have and what I want to have.

Pinky Street (I took everything from scratch (in other words, THE PHOTOS ARE MINE!!!), these are my personal collection, opening each and every one of em is a bit challenging and I had to turn off the aircond coz of the wind blowing directly at the figure.)

And some of these pinky street figures can't stand, the new ones are great btw.  Those can stand easily.

*puh~ that's it.

I wanna take a break from people, yes again.  I can't seem to get out this phase.  =_="  Help!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

New office

I have a reason for neglecting my blog.  I moved to a new office.  I call it the deserted office.  Parking was way easier than my previous office, so not a problem there.  Though, massy have other problems with new office as follows; 

  1. It usually takes me 30 minutes (with traffic) to my previous office, getting to the new office maybe requires more time, maybe not, though I'm hating the U-turn.  Too much turning = very troublesome.
  2. I pick my sis up after work from Monday to Friday.  From my current office to her office is another problem.  I had to either make 1 big turn to get there or go through the U-turn under the flyover *sigh.
  3. Parking is not a problem at the new office.  Basement parking is very empty, I sort of got lost going to my block parking, hence lotsa illegal turns there.
  4. TM people suck! They fixed our telephone line and the internet but internet went down after awhile.  4mbps my arse!  And three (3) of the workstation network socket is not working.  FOOLS!!!
  5. TM people ffked (fong fei kei) last Friday.  Told us he'll come back at 1pm but didn't come back at all.  Idiot!
  6. I'm in a cubicle.  Limited space available.  And at times, I can't feel the aircond.  And my cubicle is facing the counter.  We don't have receptionist but cleaner lady is at the counter, when she's not there, I'd be the one pressing remote controls for people to come in.  I don't like to be in front desk.  Seriously, that is one of those things that I prefer to avoid.  Been trying to make my chair go as low as I can.  (I took this weird phobia test at facebook, and the result is true.  I fear people/crowds.  I dislike meeting strangers, 'nuff said).
  7. I insisted that the main door be kept close at all times.  It's bad enuff I'm facing the door.  *sigh.  Lets just say that retards designed that office.  Bad color.  Why can't the office be more like google office huh?
  8. Don't get me started talking about the toilets, good thing about it, there's two (2) toilets.  Bad thing, cheap toilet bowls (according to my colleague) and retarded contractor don't know how to make it equal.  One is smaller than the other.  My colleagues insisted to take the small one coz they wanna avoid visitors hearing noise coming from the toilet.  I find this amusing.
  9. Pantry is before the toilet.  Ogie here's the funny part, we always missed it.  Walk pass it.  
Enough complains for today.  I hope dumb TM people will fix my internet line.  I can't make any changes to the website if I don't have my line can I?

Anyways, last Friday, finally went to Perro Loco and tried Double Barrel.  Order got mixed up, I wanted to try Mafia ;_;

Combo set meal at RM6.90 served with fries and soft drink.

My brother love the Double Barrel.  I'm not such a fan, sorry uncle ;_; I is no rike onions @_@"""

Though, next time wanna try something spicy ;)

Till my next post/rant ;)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I applaud to this

First of all, blogger draft layout went all crazy last nite.

And before I blog as the title, I'm gonna "detour" to this.

Tea! Berries ;3 me rove (love) berries.  My colleague gave me this.  It looks like ribena.  It taste like roselle.  But the smell, not farnie.  I think they should scent it a bit so it'll be easier to drink.  I didn't add sugar.  I like the original taste ;)

Aight, the moment that you've been waiting for.

This might be a common sight to see everywhere when a car breaks down rite.

What's kewl about this situation right here is ...

It sure got me excited till I had to tell my sis to take photo of it for me to blog LOL.

This is the first time I ever came across this kind of message ;)  I think it's kewl~

And yeah, that's about it.

Gonna move to a new office today, finally!  I hope can get everything done by today.  Going back and forth from the current to the new office is not farnie, it's not that far but the U-turn is not farnie.

Over and out.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Boardgame Outing

KC has been unsatisfied with the outcome of the Pandemic (boardgame) since our last game (the post, here), we decided to go "beat" the game last nite.  And this also gotta do with Sean (CarcaSean) saying that the game was easy and he "beat" it on the first try.  LOL.

But before that, we started off with playing Ghost Stories (boardgame) first.

This time, I'm the yellow ranger.

My ability?  I get free Tao tokens on each round weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.  *greedy~

The players?


 First session - PHAIL

Second session - WIN!!! YAHOO!!!

We finally "beat" the game.  But second session too GG.  A lot of curse @_@"""

Last game for last nite.  Pandemic LOL.

Outcome = PHAIL.  again XD 

I had 5 hours sleep, at least enuff to rest my eyes.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Awesome gadget post: Mobile Phone Telescope

This is an awesome gadget post.  ;)

So, here's how it started.  My bro, cubex, stumbled upon a forum thread selling a mobile phone telescope.  I went through the thread and decided I must have it.  This is why.

Oh yeah, this cost around RM50 (without small tripod, dun need it, I mean the tripod).

The box.

The content.

How to fix it on your phone.


This is how it should look like when attach to your mobile.

What it can do?

Sample I took with my 2MP with 4x zoom Sony Ericsson W810i mobile phone.

This is with 4x zoom.  Notice how grainy it looked?

With the telescope, er I think this was 2x zoom.  Oh shite, I can't remember.

I didn't edit the photo, I just resized it.  You can see how sharp it is.  This is after all with 2MP mobile phone.  I wonder how does it look like with a 8MP SE mobile phone.  *curious.

Anyways, I've yet tried to take video with the telescope.  Soon, I will make that experiment.  This is a GG item.  I can assure you that.  It's like a mini stalking gadget! I mean *cough cough.

Note:  When we (me and my bro) received this, we got so high that the cold rain didn't stop us from taking photo.  It was damn cold it's not farnie.  But since we were so high, we couldn't be bothered by it.  LOL.

Till the next post.  Thanks for reading ;)

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Saturday Boardgame Outing (Part 2)

Part 2

The first (1st) part of the boardgame session was a bit hard to post.  I blame the new blogger draft layout.  It keeps duplicating my codes.  I have no choice but to proof read, in a way to remove those duplicates.

Anyways, lets start on the 2nd post shall we?

The second (2nd) boardgame that I played was "Red November".  It makes you think that this might be those military game?  But it's actually saving a submarine from the Kraken and everything else hehe.

Fun! Once you get the hang of it.  It usually takes 1 round to get it.

Anyways, here's an explanation from BoardGameGeek.

Red November is a cooperative game in a gnomish attack submarine where everything is going wrong. The sub is descending and the water pressure increasing, the nuclear reactor is overheating, the nuclear missile launchers are pre-igniting, fires and water leaks are everywhere, there's a giant Kraken looming nearby and there’s very little oxygen and vodka left. While the storyline feels more and more like a disaster movie, the players must get organized to solve the problems, divide the tasks among themselves to minimize the risks, and sometimes accept to sacrifice themselves for the common cause.

The game is played on the map of the submarine. The conditions in the submarine are represented by three disaster tracks: Asphyxiation, Heat and Pressure. During the game, these conditions get worse, and if anyone of them reaches its maximum value, the submarine is lost. In addition, various emergencies can occur which have to be dealt with swiftly, or they'll also lead to the loss of the submarine.

Each turn, a player can move to a new location, and perform some action there. Such an action can be repairs (which will improve conditions on the sub and/or fix emergencies), removing obstacles (unblocking hatches, removing flooding or extinguishing fires) or stocking up on equipment (which will help with later actions). Each action is paid for with time. The more time a player spends on an action, the greater the chance of success. After each player's turn, a number of events will happen; the more time was spent, the more events will occur. Such events will be the worsening of conditions in the submarine, or the triggering of emergencies.

If the Gnomes can keep alive long enough, rescue will arrive and the game is won.

This games allow a no. of maximum 8 players.  We have 7.  That'll do. 

 I is a furfle gnome @_@"""

You can drink vodka and be drunk but there's risk.

The board


Notice the stack up miniature thinggie, that's where you start.  Oh yeah, the gnomes on the board, why they're place that way?  It's because of your dice roll.  You need a d10.

Blue starts by deciding where he wanted to go.  Usually people go to the item room to get items.

These are item tiles.  It's useful to help you during emergencies.

It takes 1 minute for the player to open a door and another to move into another room.  And an action takes minutes too.  Takes item also add minutes.  And to fix disaster requires the player to gamble minutes too.  You can add an item to make a success roll.

Disaster tokens.

You place these on boards if the event card you draw requires you to do so.

Event cards.  The Kraken card doesn't come into play until this stack is finish.  Samples of event cards.

You win the game if the gnome survive from the disaster or the kraken or when you reach the finish line.

Overall it's a fun game.  We lost a crew.  He was drunk and died in a fire.

Lets go CarcaSean again and try other games.  Hee~

Well, that's about it folks. Thanks for reading ;)

Koby's open house and Boardgame Outing (Part 1)

I'm gonna divide this into 2 post.  Coz I know for a fact that it's gonna be extremely long if I make it into 1.

Part 1

Koby invited CSP forumers to his open house yesterday around noon.  I nearly couldn't go coz my legs are tired from driving.  But, since it wasn't that bad, I pushed myself to go.  My concern was getting there and parking.  Since I never been to his place before, I'm reluctant to go.  Lucky he posted his address, Panja posted a map through wikimapia but I couldn't understand it, so I search with google map, I understand it better.  It wasn't that hard to get there and parking wasn't a problem.  It's just me being paranoid, as usual.

No regrets.  Fewd was nice and I think we were high.  We were loud and laughing like nobody's business.  *giggles.  I think that usually happens with CSP members.  They tend to be loud and high for many reasons.

We were there around past 1:30pm till 4pm.  Went to Internet Arena, Citymall after that for COD5:  World at War.  There's a new map, Nazi Zombies.  AWESOME!  Love it!  Lets blow some brains.

We played till 7pm and head for dinner after that.  I had Fish Fillet Burger at Tenom Station which was kind of nice.  I've raved it, here.

Went to CarcaSean for some boardgame.  Since we didn't get to play Red November last Friday, we decided to play that this time.  But before that, Panja picked a new co-op boardgame called "Ghost Stories".  I got interested because the graphic/artwork was really really nice.  And it looked kind of interesting.  I insisted we play it before starting with Red November.

So, what's Ghost Stories?

According to BoardGameGeek.

Ghost Stories is a cooperative game in which the players try to defeat the spirit of Wu-Feng, the lord of hell, and his legions of ghosts before they haunt a town and recover the ashes that will allow him to return to life. Each Player represents a taoist monk ghost hunter who is working together with the others to fight off waves of spirits and other beings mostly inspired by eastern mythology.

Max is 4 players only. 

Lets just say that we're protecting a village against evil.

Here are some photos.

The players.

The board (in play).

Player boards, there's four (4) player for this game represented in red, green, blue and yellow.  Each have their own special skills, there's two (2) types of skills for each.  This of coz are random.  As you can see from the photos I took below.



The mantra token, only the yellow player board has this ability to reduce the ghost's life by 1.


The players, buddha and ghost miniatures.  Er...*takes a moment.  I'm not gonna explain this scenario LOL.  Coz it doesn't exist in the game LOL.

Lookie lookie, CSP monks is in the game LOL.

Anyways, lets move on.

Once the player determine which board they'll be playing, place all the player miniature pieces at the center of the village tile, which in this case is the Tea House.

These are village tile.  There are nine (9) in total.  Er, we didn't play the expansion.  I think we play normal mode.

 Notice some of the tiles are flipped?  It's possessed by ghosts.  Bad, very bad.


And when this happens, we all die!

The village play tile aid explains as the following photo.

At the beginning of the game too, each player are given, er 4 Qi tokens (your HP, if you got none, you die and goes to the cemetery tile), a Tao token and a YinYang token.  Tokens are as shown below.

This is an inactive Tao marker.  Only will come into play if activated by a certain ghost with the symbol.

Usually activated by black ghost cards.

Ghost cards.

Sample ghost cards.

Abilities of the ghost, for reference.

Some ghost are able to block your power/ability.  You must kill that ghost to use it back again.  So yeah, you don't want this token on your board.  Bad! Very bad.

The dices.

I hope I got most of the pieces explained here.  It's easier if you play the game.  Explaining is hard at first but once you play, you'll get it.

Now, where were we?  Oh yeah, here's a player movement guide.

Player must first perform a Yin phase, which in this case, check if you have any ghost card/s on your board.  Some cards have a moving ghost, we must kill those ghost (fear it might possess the village).  If you have three (3) ghost cards on your board, you have to discard a Qi token.  A player only has 1 movement.  He/she must perform his/her special skill after his/her moving phase  Done with Yin phase, you have to perform a Yang phase, according to the above.

When you're on a tile with ghost on both different color board which are adjacent, you can attack either one or both (depending on the HP level).

Once you killed a ghost, you'll receive reward accordingly.  Some ghost card/s doesn't have reward.  You may ask for aid from the villager or buddha, but you won't get any reward.

Pretty much how the game works.  Gosh, it's harder to explain somehow.  But this is an interesting game.  Would like to play this again ;)

Anyways, first (1st) time play, we died.  Photo as evidence as follow XD

End of Part 1.