Sunday, October 04, 2009

Saturday Boardgame Outing (Part 2)

Part 2

The first (1st) part of the boardgame session was a bit hard to post.  I blame the new blogger draft layout.  It keeps duplicating my codes.  I have no choice but to proof read, in a way to remove those duplicates.

Anyways, lets start on the 2nd post shall we?

The second (2nd) boardgame that I played was "Red November".  It makes you think that this might be those military game?  But it's actually saving a submarine from the Kraken and everything else hehe.

Fun! Once you get the hang of it.  It usually takes 1 round to get it.

Anyways, here's an explanation from BoardGameGeek.

Red November is a cooperative game in a gnomish attack submarine where everything is going wrong. The sub is descending and the water pressure increasing, the nuclear reactor is overheating, the nuclear missile launchers are pre-igniting, fires and water leaks are everywhere, there's a giant Kraken looming nearby and there’s very little oxygen and vodka left. While the storyline feels more and more like a disaster movie, the players must get organized to solve the problems, divide the tasks among themselves to minimize the risks, and sometimes accept to sacrifice themselves for the common cause.

The game is played on the map of the submarine. The conditions in the submarine are represented by three disaster tracks: Asphyxiation, Heat and Pressure. During the game, these conditions get worse, and if anyone of them reaches its maximum value, the submarine is lost. In addition, various emergencies can occur which have to be dealt with swiftly, or they'll also lead to the loss of the submarine.

Each turn, a player can move to a new location, and perform some action there. Such an action can be repairs (which will improve conditions on the sub and/or fix emergencies), removing obstacles (unblocking hatches, removing flooding or extinguishing fires) or stocking up on equipment (which will help with later actions). Each action is paid for with time. The more time a player spends on an action, the greater the chance of success. After each player's turn, a number of events will happen; the more time was spent, the more events will occur. Such events will be the worsening of conditions in the submarine, or the triggering of emergencies.

If the Gnomes can keep alive long enough, rescue will arrive and the game is won.

This games allow a no. of maximum 8 players.  We have 7.  That'll do. 

 I is a furfle gnome @_@"""

You can drink vodka and be drunk but there's risk.

The board


Notice the stack up miniature thinggie, that's where you start.  Oh yeah, the gnomes on the board, why they're place that way?  It's because of your dice roll.  You need a d10.

Blue starts by deciding where he wanted to go.  Usually people go to the item room to get items.

These are item tiles.  It's useful to help you during emergencies.

It takes 1 minute for the player to open a door and another to move into another room.  And an action takes minutes too.  Takes item also add minutes.  And to fix disaster requires the player to gamble minutes too.  You can add an item to make a success roll.

Disaster tokens.

You place these on boards if the event card you draw requires you to do so.

Event cards.  The Kraken card doesn't come into play until this stack is finish.  Samples of event cards.

You win the game if the gnome survive from the disaster or the kraken or when you reach the finish line.

Overall it's a fun game.  We lost a crew.  He was drunk and died in a fire.

Lets go CarcaSean again and try other games.  Hee~

Well, that's about it folks. Thanks for reading ;)


  1. cool..
    never seen those before..
    boardgames remind me of chess and checkers.. =)

  2. I miss boardgame nights with my friends back in college!

  3. @kenwooi: yeah fun to be playing new boardgames. These are german boardgames btw, lucky we have one here in KK.

  4. @Ihsan: We try to play every Friday ;)

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