Thursday, October 08, 2009

Awesome gadget post: Mobile Phone Telescope

This is an awesome gadget post.  ;)

So, here's how it started.  My bro, cubex, stumbled upon a forum thread selling a mobile phone telescope.  I went through the thread and decided I must have it.  This is why.

Oh yeah, this cost around RM50 (without small tripod, dun need it, I mean the tripod).

The box.

The content.

How to fix it on your phone.


This is how it should look like when attach to your mobile.

What it can do?

Sample I took with my 2MP with 4x zoom Sony Ericsson W810i mobile phone.

This is with 4x zoom.  Notice how grainy it looked?

With the telescope, er I think this was 2x zoom.  Oh shite, I can't remember.

I didn't edit the photo, I just resized it.  You can see how sharp it is.  This is after all with 2MP mobile phone.  I wonder how does it look like with a 8MP SE mobile phone.  *curious.

Anyways, I've yet tried to take video with the telescope.  Soon, I will make that experiment.  This is a GG item.  I can assure you that.  It's like a mini stalking gadget! I mean *cough cough.

Note:  When we (me and my bro) received this, we got so high that the cold rain didn't stop us from taking photo.  It was damn cold it's not farnie.  But since we were so high, we couldn't be bothered by it.  LOL.

Till the next post.  Thanks for reading ;)


  1. Only rm50?is it available here in kk?now i you can snoop on ur neighbour.hahahahaha

  2. @Aj: we tried calling the KK agent tapi xda respond ni. So we order it direct from seremban ka tu ah. aku pun inda ingat. XD I could link you if u want?

  3. i have one of these clip-on lens but never use, does yours come with wide angle + fish eye function ?

  4. @Nova: are yours the jelly lens ka? Oh this doesn't have any of those function. This only can make zoom photo sharp ;)

  5. Aight PM you oledi ;)

  6. wahhh~ massy-chan stalka!!

  7. @Dizzy chan: *lures. lai lai we go stalk ppl nyahahah *_*

  8. Now that's a mighty fine gadget :D And only RM50.00 so more.

  9. @Nick: hahahaha you want one? XD

  10. wooah cool gadget!

  11. @baity: yes, can stalk, wink wink.

  12. Wawwww!! Stalker in the making~

  13. @Donna: hehehehe,;)

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  15. @John: I don't have much device to blog about, I though have figurine blog posts at my other blog.