Sunday, October 25, 2009

Updates: 1 week

Ogie, here's the situation.  The computer at work been having some problems that I couldn't access my blogger and gmail.  Wait, I can view but I can't comment or post anything.  Weirdness. 

I've been wondering why 4mbps line is uber slow?  *confused.  Pay so much but it's worst than 1mbps.  How odd.

On another note, nothing much happen, except the fact that I did a lot of driving this past week.  I mean seriously a lot that I'm getting tired from it.  It must be the U-turn! (*blames) and the fewd! (*more blaming).

*takes a deep breath.

I'm back on my jogging routine.  Must push myself coz friend said I look fat.  Bad! Very bad. 

Oh, I went to meet an ex colleague today.  It's been months since we hang out.  Oh and I got my first McD glass thinggie.  Of coz I had to take blue ;)  Besides, it's free.  One can't reject free fewd now could we?

Went and bought some scented candles.  And these (for the candles), *blames fren for impulse buying

These are way too cute.  Must have.

I've manage to arrange some of my PVC collectibles.

Nendoroids (I took the images from Hobby Search and combined it.)

This is roughly what I have, what I will have and what I want to have.

Pinky Street (I took everything from scratch (in other words, THE PHOTOS ARE MINE!!!), these are my personal collection, opening each and every one of em is a bit challenging and I had to turn off the aircond coz of the wind blowing directly at the figure.)

And some of these pinky street figures can't stand, the new ones are great btw.  Those can stand easily.

*puh~ that's it.

I wanna take a break from people, yes again.  I can't seem to get out this phase.  =_="  Help!


  1. Hi Massy. How's ur new workplace? Ok ka?

    Those Nendoroids are cuteee!!

  2. @cicak: I dun like the new opis.

  3. at last you wanna collect the glass.. yeahh Luminarc glass from McD

  4. I don't want to even talk about the super slow connection I get from P1 these days. I feel like going over there and hantam them into submission!

  5. @Nick: oh gawd, I wonder how's wimax? @_@"""

  6. ooh ooh ooh! i want to collect the mcd glass also, but dlm dilemma, I think i've gain weight and cannot go mcd oh~

  7. @Donna: ;_; I oso gained a lot ;_;

  8. ur nendoroids are cute...guess ur starting to collect McD glasses eh *blames aj* ahahahahaa.....

  9. @amy c: yes, nendoroids are cute tapi kasi koyak wallet or in my case purse. Oh yes! aku mo blame aj for those glasses!

  10. i didnt even get any of the mcd glasses.. =P

  11. @kenwooi: temptation not great enuff ka?

  12. Anonymous1:49 AM

    aahaha massy pms suda dis... "Pandai Massy Swearing"... ekekekeke

  13. @Kent chan: LOL lama sudah x se swearing, I stop doing it. Till everyone starts pissing me off again.

  14. Wow... your Pinky Street collection!! So kiuttt ^-^

    ps. Use BlueTack if kenot stand... hehe

  15. @Nessa: LOL BlueTack adui XD