Sunday, October 18, 2009

New office

I have a reason for neglecting my blog.  I moved to a new office.  I call it the deserted office.  Parking was way easier than my previous office, so not a problem there.  Though, massy have other problems with new office as follows; 

  1. It usually takes me 30 minutes (with traffic) to my previous office, getting to the new office maybe requires more time, maybe not, though I'm hating the U-turn.  Too much turning = very troublesome.
  2. I pick my sis up after work from Monday to Friday.  From my current office to her office is another problem.  I had to either make 1 big turn to get there or go through the U-turn under the flyover *sigh.
  3. Parking is not a problem at the new office.  Basement parking is very empty, I sort of got lost going to my block parking, hence lotsa illegal turns there.
  4. TM people suck! They fixed our telephone line and the internet but internet went down after awhile.  4mbps my arse!  And three (3) of the workstation network socket is not working.  FOOLS!!!
  5. TM people ffked (fong fei kei) last Friday.  Told us he'll come back at 1pm but didn't come back at all.  Idiot!
  6. I'm in a cubicle.  Limited space available.  And at times, I can't feel the aircond.  And my cubicle is facing the counter.  We don't have receptionist but cleaner lady is at the counter, when she's not there, I'd be the one pressing remote controls for people to come in.  I don't like to be in front desk.  Seriously, that is one of those things that I prefer to avoid.  Been trying to make my chair go as low as I can.  (I took this weird phobia test at facebook, and the result is true.  I fear people/crowds.  I dislike meeting strangers, 'nuff said).
  7. I insisted that the main door be kept close at all times.  It's bad enuff I'm facing the door.  *sigh.  Lets just say that retards designed that office.  Bad color.  Why can't the office be more like google office huh?
  8. Don't get me started talking about the toilets, good thing about it, there's two (2) toilets.  Bad thing, cheap toilet bowls (according to my colleague) and retarded contractor don't know how to make it equal.  One is smaller than the other.  My colleagues insisted to take the small one coz they wanna avoid visitors hearing noise coming from the toilet.  I find this amusing.
  9. Pantry is before the toilet.  Ogie here's the funny part, we always missed it.  Walk pass it.  
Enough complains for today.  I hope dumb TM people will fix my internet line.  I can't make any changes to the website if I don't have my line can I?

Anyways, last Friday, finally went to Perro Loco and tried Double Barrel.  Order got mixed up, I wanted to try Mafia ;_;

Combo set meal at RM6.90 served with fries and soft drink.

My brother love the Double Barrel.  I'm not such a fan, sorry uncle ;_; I is no rike onions @_@"""

Though, next time wanna try something spicy ;)

Till my next post/rant ;)


  1. errgh, desk facing the front door. Lucky yours in cubicle so at least you have something to block your view to the front door.

  2. @chegu: yeah but the cubicle inda sukup tinggi XD

  3. hope i can get office like that... hehehehe

  4. @Aj: like my office? @_@"""

  5. is that your office!!!geee...i envy u..hahah..with a new chair??? that's a nice office u have.hehe

  6. cubicle always like dat, ndak cukup mine too...*sigh*

  7. @fiona: Yeah new office. Still quite empty.

    @Amy C: yar! true that, I hate cubicles. @_@"""

  8. waahhhh.. upgrade!

    but banyak complains oh. hahaha! :D

  9. @Donna: new tapi bidak oh ;_; I'm disappointed with the new work place.

  10. LOL. lotsa complains. =D

  11. @Nabil: yeah, it's worth the complains for sucky new office.

  12. waw.. krusi baru! still wrapped in plastic lagi tu... heeheee ^-^

    cantik ba ur ofis, brand new!

  13. @Nessa: the color is seriously demotivating @_@

  14. wah nice ofis, i blom abis study lg -_-, those combo look very yummy!

  15. @baity: ehehe, I still think the office is a bit boring XD

  16. you really have to post pictures of food after every post?

    T_T <-- muka kelaparan

    Anyway, despite all the troublesome you face since moving to your new office, cantik bah your cubicle! More privacy for you to play games on FB!!! Muahahaha!

  17. @cindy: no privacy, I think if I were on the phone, the whole office could see me curse XD

    Etto, I think fewd post is a must, let ppl come back for more, *evil laff XD

  18. haha tmnet always sux =D should ask your boss try infolient broadband =D

  19. @BerryLing: too bad bos trust TM more orz