Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I applaud to this

First of all, blogger draft layout went all crazy last nite.

And before I blog as the title, I'm gonna "detour" to this.

Tea! Berries ;3 me rove (love) berries.  My colleague gave me this.  It looks like ribena.  It taste like roselle.  But the smell, not farnie.  I think they should scent it a bit so it'll be easier to drink.  I didn't add sugar.  I like the original taste ;)

Aight, the moment that you've been waiting for.

This might be a common sight to see everywhere when a car breaks down rite.

What's kewl about this situation right here is ...

It sure got me excited till I had to tell my sis to take photo of it for me to blog LOL.

This is the first time I ever came across this kind of message ;)  I think it's kewl~

And yeah, that's about it.

Gonna move to a new office today, finally!  I hope can get everything done by today.  Going back and forth from the current to the new office is not farnie, it's not that far but the U-turn is not farnie.

Over and out.


  1. How considerate of him/her :D

  2. @Nick: I know rite? XD

  3. google database seems messed up...

  4. wow! that's a considerate driver.

  5. Anonymous3:06 AM

    Kinda silly to do so if you ask me... a hazard sign chained and padlocked to the towing hook is a sensible way for a break-down...

    ...unless it was meant for drunkards who'll ram it silly in the dead of night.

  6. @Aj: yeah seems like it.

    @Mama Mia: yeah, I thought so too. :)

    @Kent chan: LOL I think ppl usually put hazard lights ;)

  7. aww.. so cute! it'll be cuter if he/she puts a ":-(" to it! ha ha ha

  8. @Cindy: Maybe we can do that next time LOL.

  9. haha..been there done that for the U-Turn coz my eldest sis work there too...her office is in block D, near to the exit but have to make one big round, once in awhile curi2 masuk... ;)

  10. @Amy C: oh, the parking is like empty ni ancus oh.

  11. so kewl of the driver!! hahaha love it love it

  12. @BerryLing: I'd find it interesting too ;)

  13. omg thats so cute hahahaha