Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sihatnya ni urang. My colleague work here for 10 over years. I think 15-17 years I can't remember precisely. But she told me that this fellow, he's been around since then grabbing people's fewd/drinks without asking. So yeah, his life is longer than others I suppose?

Have you ever wonder. Where are there beggers and crazy ppl around? Once, I was eating at McD CPS with some frens. We saw like 2 kids begging for fewd/money. >_<"


  1. wholly crap. oh that gotta suck. but this fellow is not a begger..he urang gila dis...*hiks~ he was holding 2 wood that...

  2. we have the same situation here in Labuan..

    Only this org gila in Labuan wont beg for your money, food or whatever. He just sit at any warung, and pay for food that he ate..

    Even he got his own cigarette too...

    Sometimes I wonder if he's really gila..

  3. punya urang got few oh...lady oso got aiyer...

    oh...if anybody walk around this area...u guys will notice one wearing like mo pg jogging ni...

  4. wow.. KK more advance ahh.. got fashion sense some more. Muahahahahha

  5. some beggars in kuching they go to disco and pub at night ?

    unbelieable ? believe it..
    ripley's belive it or not ? hehe

  6. lianshen..omg...itu gila party or gila butul tu?

  7. they are fake beggars..they earn more than office boy ithink
    and maybe they earn more than me or u / haha

    we should support the beggars !

  8. haiz in one chinese dude la...aih..

    sit down in any table like no bodies business...if u willing to pay grandmother always pay for his makanan...o_o;;

    least not like whole clanz...XD

  9. lianshen wuah damn. oh u know if my colleague ever to see beggers that are not disabled, she'll be hitting their hands hahahhaha..that's one funny scene...*hiks

    连小凤 wahlow, aiya some ppl butul butul gila or juz wanna force ppl to pay for their fewd one...why ppl even bother to serve them anyway? hmmmm

  10. hahaha.. no comment la in this case.. i also ignore those insane ppl

  11. I grandma thinks she doing a good deed...=/

    when actually she's just galakking (lol) him to beg more..=o=