Sunday, November 05, 2006

I dun think I'll post this shot on my dA. I'll only upload it here. Anyways, this is a shot of my "DJ" sis and her fiance. Common, get married already? *kidding. I do think that this shot is nice. For me la. Who you guys comment?
ahhh so, we were out for dinner and I took this with my handy canon A710 IS camera weeeeeeeee

And juz so, my sis is a bit fussy about her photo shots. She need to look "less fat". >_<" hee. So there weren't any shot of any of us. Only 3 shot of them. I dunno, guess I was too tired.

Noted: It's 2:30am rite now and I can't seem to sleep yet coz my kitties are running around like mad kitties.

And a note for my sis, "oh, if u dun want the kitties running around in "my" room, then get ur own room? sorry to say :P


  1. hmm... looks like he tunduk to avoid banging his head on the plants or whatever they are :P

  2. hahahahah no he tunduk coz my sis ask him to mwahhahahah