Monday, November 20, 2006

Who does this two look like?

Their parents obviously, a comparison between raven and his new born sister :D how cute.

So, today, my fren sent me a mms of her daughter. Oh shite. I forgot her name again. It's too long till I can't remember. I did remember but now I forgot. I think I posted about it before.

But lookie lookie. They look so cute. >_<" I sound so sick aren't I? Anyways, wut's up today. Ahhh, the plan is to go lunch at Japanese Dream Train at CPS. Ohhh, guess wut I did earlier today? I played Maple Story at work again >_<" Ohh, but before that I was updating the company's website. So, not totally wasting my time at work la. Blackout at around 11 something. Everyone was out except the normal ppl who sleeps at office around lunch time (there's 3 of them)? Told my bro to pick me up early coz staying at office is killing me coz it was so hot (refering to the damn hot weather). Went downstairs at around noon. Guess wut I saw? A dead rat! EWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Some ppl might think I'm crazy for taking a shot of this but I gotta show it...EWWWWW!!!

i dun think the rat is alive. seriously

Went to CPS. I had chicken curry rice for lunch. Tasty but it's too much for me. Shared with my brother.
mind the left overs of boxing chicken on top left tq~

The japanese restaurant seem to have so many new waiter/waitress. So, one of the new waitress was serving my chicken curry rice, and unaccidently pour the hot soup on my brother. Ohhh, my bro being the kewl person, he said it's ok. But I think he's in real pain. Lucky only the hand. My bro's hand was red. Though he could still make a joke about how the restaurant should give us discount for our meal hahahaha. We had california rolls. My bro had 2. I had 1. Some sushi. 2 plates of boxing chicken (*nyum), ocha.

fish head salmon. hmmm. the taste was juz ok la. mind the sushi at the top right hand side *hiks~

Oh not forgetting, my bro had fish head salmon. Total amount = RM40++.


  1. Wa, the bill came out very cheap la dining for 2 person. Hope some day i'll be there to try. Oops..the waitress most probably interested in your brother la!! Itu tactic la!

  2. hahahhahaha sick dood sick...or maybe the space is a bit small or maybe she's juz clumsy? hahahhahah *rofl