Thursday, November 30, 2006

The good and the bad

My sis loaned some space on my hddisk. The gewd thing is, she got a new compy. The bad thing is returning the files to her new hddisk. *sigh. I know I could plug her old hddisk to her new compy but seriously, we're giving each other silent treatment now. And since her compy can't seem to network to ours, it's all farked up. I've been trying to transfer in various ways, thinking that I might be able to have some extra space. But now. Did the hard stewped way.

  • 1st attempt: MSN share <-- gewd thing, a lot of files are transferred. but not all *sigh
  • 2nd attempt: Bluetooth <-- omg, connection slow like siput~!
  • 3rd attempt (and this is final): DVD-RW <-- burn and erase till finish >_<"
Kill me now!

My stewpedity gets the best of me weeeeeeeeeeeee ^_^"

Julian quoted: "God Save Our Computers!"


  1. ....

    I would to leave some profound comment here, but I don't know crap about computers besides turning it on/off and typing. =D

  2. heahehaehaehahhae


  3. God shall save your computer =P

  4. lianshen..hahahha and everyone's...yes..most definately

  5. hmmm... why dont u dont networking such P2P hahaha...
    well 3rd option da best anyway...

  6. *smack justine...ask me again?