Thursday, November 23, 2006

Going through life bit by bit...with patience...(of coz)

This would be my normal morning tapau if mum didn't prepare breakie. Yes, I know I'm spoilt by my parents. But yeah, I'M LUCKY~! Breakie is prepared everyday by mummy! :D Well if there were more choices, i would get something else?

am a big fan of anchovies! XD

this is wut i'll pay for 2 days if i dun get monthly parking ticket. *SIGH. even monthly parking cost RM52.50

proof of another person sleeping at work. where can find self make "tikar" and blanket oh?

ahhhhh this is lunch? i was trying to skip lunch but somebody bought this for everyone >_<" how could i resist?

dun u wanna eat it?

Gawd I'm seriously bored. I actually wanted to blog this yesterday but I was bz leveling up at Maple hahahaha. Yes I'm now level 29 hee. 1 more level to go if I wanna change job. hee. So much fun! XD

Dun jealous hee. Oooo u know wut irritates me the most? NOISE!!! Lots of em noise! Makes me wanna go crazy! So, guess where the noise came from? ROOFTOP! I think there's few guys fixing something there but I have no idea wut. They were making so much noise even with them walking there. Imagine GIANTS? Yes, it's pretty creepy and its been going for few days now. *sigh. Even we told them to walk slowly. Oh, won't it be a good laugh if somebody fell from there? Well not fell flat on the road la. Maybe get their leg stuck on our ceiling, juz not above me tq?


  1. ha ha..the sleeping ppl lagi...macm kami la tue klu shif malam :P

  2. shift malam pagi manada shift malam astagaaaa~~~

    every now and then..bilikku jadi mangsa hahahahaha

  3. Alamak. I saw the ikan bilis and I got so hungry. =0

  4. sleeping sumore... wa lau eh... how can, can get so sleepyyyyy one... lazy a#####sss...

  5. hahahahhaha...haizum..ikan bilis is the best! XD

    justine..hahahahah yes...ppl sleep everyone is lazy weeeeeeee

    well me oso lazy but i never sleep at office one...

  6. tedaaa... kedapatan.. wish i can sleep in the office.. kakakaka