Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I was bz playing Maple yesterday till I was lazy to blog. I did wanna blog but I'm stuck with Maple. Last nite, I thought I might be able to level up since the % of my exp is 91%. I could go to lvl 30 already and change job weeeeeeee.

There's pros and cons about having ur own room at work. The gewd thing is, u get to do wutever u want without having ppl bothering u and asking stewped Q. The bad thing is, u dun get to gossip with ppl outside hahahha which I dun think is such a gewd idea. But somehow, I owez ended up listening to wut's going on outside >_<" it's not my fault if they tok so loud?

Guess who they were toking about this time? hahahahah still the same person. They bitch about it again. I think the cleaner lady sort of triggered our boss's anger by saying that if he dun take any action, that she would haf taken to complain straight to the big boss. Which I think is a gewd idea. Coz this bitch owez M.I.A and I do think that giving chance to others who doesn't have a job is better?

Anyways, me and bro went to eat at Vietnam around Jalan Pantai. Ahhh cold dish so nice. Sorry, but no I didn't take any shot of the fewd. It's very hot and very jam. Well, I guess coz ppl bz about their salary? Maybe? No idea. It's been like that lately. Only gawd knows why.

Ooohhh the line totally sucked last nite. We seem to get connect and dc every now and then. Which suck arse! I was playing Maple and the thing keep getting stuck in the middle of nowhere. So, I gave up and go straight to bed.

Kitty owez wake me up with their running around in the morning. *pokes kitty stomach poke it!

Noted: Julian, we were there at 1:10pm this time hahahahahha. And we're not stalking hahahah


  1. dun want to play maple sea oledi.. always DC leh.... :(

    - check my PC everything OK... kanasai...

  2. aiyer since yesterday maple something wrong oh...*sigh~

  3. uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it's it's u!