Monday, November 27, 2006

dun u feel like poking mimi's stomach? dun ya? dun ya?

she love the shoe box. seriously~!

Grocery Shopping Day!

Saturday is grocery shopping day! I'm out of cat fewd, out of kitty litter, out of shampoo, out of junk fewd, damn, I'm out of everything. >_<" Went shopping with my brother and my mum. Ohhh, I saw a converse shoe I really like! Cost = RM125.90 if I'm not mistaken >_<" *calculate money. Argh! I won't have enuff money this month. *pfttttttttt~~~
stop at petrol station for fuel filling. my bro tends to let his tank empty all the time >_<" seriously? is malta an alcoholic drink? O_o?

a shot of my bro and his gf? hahahhahaha NOT! his fav person in the whole wide world. my mum hahaha..he owez does that...but where's my love?!? hahahah kidding kidding

a kitty teaser hwahahhaha. i got this free with purchase of friskies hee :D they love it. silly one of the kitty was scared of this the other wasn't. now ogie already. both of them love it. they'll be jumping here and there to catch it hahahhaha


Sunday is so my lazy day. This is the day to laze around. I basically didn't do nothing today. Maybe eat nonstop and watch tv whole day till I got headache for not putting my head in the right manner. *sigh. Oooo I watched Merlin on Hallmark today. Geez~~~ kinda interesting. Well, it's nice to watch.

I can't believe I'll get a dream about living in caves today >_<"


  1. Wah.. your brother is sooo family guy.

  2. guy? hahahah he's more er attached to my mum and he's the youngest? get the picture?

  3. hahaha... ! .. understand2