Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The frequency of taking Medical Leave

I was like helping one of my colleague printing a document. To my joy, it's a letter to bitch. Wakkaka yes I sound retarded by saying it. But juz to share how retarded this letter is to me.

So this is the story. Bitch owez take medical leave. Gawd knows if her medical leave are real or fake. But as everyone says: "It must be totally fake!"

I took the stewpedity to post this. Yes, sweet sweet revenge. *grins~!

Subject: KEKERAPAN MENGAMBIL CUTI SAKIT (as per above: frequency of taking medical leave)

Sejak akhir-akhir ini, puan didapati sering mengambil cuti sakit sebagai alasan tidak hadir bertugas semasa perkhidmatan puan amat diperlukan di pejabat. Perbuatan puan ini adalah bertentangan dengan peraturan-peraturan DPBS dimana kakitangan tidak boleh membelakangkan kewajipan kerana kepentingan peribadinya.

Sekiranya perkara ini terus menerus berlaku, pengurusan DPBS tidak teragak-agak merujuk puan kepada Hospital Kerajaan untuk menjalani pemeriksaan kesihatan dan pengesahan bagi mengetahui tentang status kesihatan puan setelah mendapat pemeriksaan dan cuti sakit dari klinik swasta berkenaan.

Wut's wrong with this letter? Is this how a notice should really be? *pfttttt...

So, basically, do she have cancer or she's juz retarded? Hmmm...

Noted: At my office, no secret wutsoever. Everyone knows how much everyone earn >_<" haih~ lame~


  1. Medical leave certificate can be purchase at RM20 in KL. Didn't know much abt Sabah!!

  2. i know MC can be purchased but here i'm not sure hahahaha...maybe he got laid with the doctor? *rofl

  3. hmm.. tis surat tujuk sebab sound diff leh...

    something missing....

  4. weird rite? hahahah like informal punya ni...sejak akhir akhir hahahah omg that's weird

  5. Sarcastic letter; but she may look at it as a warning. What kind of people that got so much MC? Ridiculous.

  6. saiful..oh...u haven't been at my work place yet. this bitch take MC like running water...wait take leave oso that...adavance leave somemore...more ridiculous..and she gets away all the time...her salary x kena cut pun *sigh~ so unfair

  7. I think my case is worse than this one.

    There's like a plot to sack me in this office. Heh, how bad is that? They're jealous because they dont have opportunity that I have now.

  8. opportunity? which is? travel around?

  9. HHAehaheAHehAHEAHeh that is so funny.

  10. heheh..crazy rite?