Monday, November 13, 2006

BIMP-EAGA Showcase 2006 (9th - 12th Nov 2006)

Finally the showcase is over now. I'm on leave for today. I need a break before I go into another breakdown again. I nearly broke down and cried yesterday. But I manage to hold it up. It's eating me painfully and slowly. I dunno wut happen but somehow, back to square one again. My bro is not talking to me again. Hmm, must be something I said. I'm sorry if I said something wrong but sometimes if I'm tired, I'll snap and start to ramble. >_<" *sigh. Thanks for a gewd fren for advice (you know who you are! and thanks for being there for me). Though I'm still frustrated coz my bro decided to ignore me for such a small matter. *sigh.

I sucked with controlling emotions. The best solution (more like the most pathetic and sadistic one I could do) is maybe crying. Which is not such a gewd idea rite now?

Anyways, so lets juz move la la

I'll be posting some images from the showcase. But today, I'm juz gonna post this nice chocolate cake from my bro's best fren, Azriq's mum. TASTY CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! NYUM!!

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