Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Listening to: Sore - Pergi Tanpa Pesan (been listening this song for days and it's repeating in my head and I could be singing everywhere I go)

Jauh perjalanan
Mencari intan pujaan

Aduhai, dimana puan

Mengapa pergi tanpa pamitan

Lembah ku turuni

Bukit yang tinggi ku daki

Aduhai, tak kunjung jumpa

Mengapa hilang tak tentu rimba

Laut hempaskanku padanya

Bintang tunjukkan arah
Ooh angin bisikkanlah mana dia

Hati cemas bimbang harapan timbul tenggelam

Aduhai, permata hati

Mungkinkah kelak berjumpa lagi

I started back work at my office. Back to my boring old job. Hey, no complain here. Well, but I prefer being bz though. So, the internet line suck arse. Keep on disconnecting every now and then. I did all the troubleshooting I could think of but nothing seems to work. *sigh. I was walking around like madwoman in the office. I had nasi goreng (taste weird, lack of something) for brunch. Yes, you heard me. Brunch. Some ppl at work said I lost some weight. Yeah rite! I feel the same.
Anyways, my dad brought back this energy drink called "Mas Cotek" which taste like mineral water but smells like pandan, my dad is selling it. Anyone wants it buzz me. Uh uh! My granpa sent us some "cocos puding". Damn tasty! And yes, we sell this also.

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