Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dealing with boredom

I came back with a headache today. I'm suppose to design a website template for my brother but I was too tired and my brain dun exactly function well in those condition.

Scenario: Have anyone ever had their brain sending the wrong signal. I.e. you're suppose to shampoo ur hair, instead u think it's facial wash and start washing ur face? >_<"

It's the sign of old age *noiiiiii~~~~

I slept around 8 something. Well, more to anxious to watch the latest season of Southpark. But it wasn't out yet. *sigh to Astro. ASTRO SUCKS! BIG TIME! So, yeah, I'm not sure if I actually slept that time coz both of my kitties were running around like mad on the bed. When I woke up this morning, I got scratches around my leg. >_<"

Though kitties are cute when they sleep next to u.

At work, could somebody sack the bitch or something? Gawd. She took advance 9½ days for gawd sake! >_<" Anybody know which other company is doing that? aiya~

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