Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Yet another boring day at work. Earlier, I had a short discussion with my boss about updating the company's website. He can't be any slower? Everything that he juz told me I've already know from my dad weeks ago. *sigh. And he was giving me some updates for the site. NOT! He gave me nothing. He dun even check the website out before telling me wut to do. Like hello?! All the things he want me to update is already there. WTF!? *sigh~ in this case. I most definately would rather get information from my dad. At least he gimme text to put in rather than juz letting me figure out details I have no idea about. *sigh. Lame! This is so lame.

Life couldn't be more boring...


  1. Har..your boss lack of new ideas or lembab kot!

  2. plain and simple. he is LEMBAB PAP~