Saturday, November 04, 2006


The kittens are totally cute. They're like sleeping now. I took some shots. Lazy to post it though. See how my mood goes. I think I'm juz tired. Or maybe lazy. Or it must be the weather? It's been really hot lately. It's sucking out all my energy, definately.

Earlier, I was annoyed at somebody. Lets keep it as A. So, A was telling me how this elder guy wanted to marry her. Like hello?! Which fantasy of yours this time? Lame. She definately seems to enjoy it. I seriously dun have a problem with it, it's none of my business but seriously it makes me sick when A was petting the kitten. So called "cat lover". *pfttttttt~ She dun even take care of the kittens. Gawd! So so lame and so sick to even look at wut she's doing. *pftttttt~

Ahhh ogie I felt way better. So, I bought a Sony Ericsson W810i. Yes, >_<" I've been wasting money lately. Gawd, wut's wrong with me. I spend most of my bonus this year!?! *fark~!! NO!!! >_<"

Oh well at least I get gewd stuff rite? Worth it! Yay!


  1. Anonymous12:59 AM

    aiyah..any problem marrying elder guy meh? if he's not too old then why..

  2. *rofl oh to me yes. I got a problem with that. wait wait wait..uh uh i got problem with most people mwahhahaha :P

  3. Define elder... technically, born 2 seconds earlier makes one twin "elder" than the other. :P