Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wut? I'm lagging?

The internet connection has definately been slow lately. I wanted to blog about our (me, my bro and amy) small jogging session. We took some photo. The unlucky part is when I couldn't take much photo coz out of battery >_<" *sigh~ Most of the shots are taken using Amy's camera. Amy I want a copy of everything!!! I mean with us in it. Hahahah. Took some shots with my bro's camera phone too. You can't do much with 2MP can you? Anyways, this is the best out of the bunch. I mean from my shots la. Now, I seem to realize that I look fat and short. >_<" *sigh~ how unfortunate. I wanna lose some more weight (background: the little mimis are pulling my mouse)

jump! jump! jump! guys, aren't we suppose to be jogging? (taken with Canon A710 IS camera)

beautiful sunset of Tg. Aru Beach (taken with SE k750 phone)

I love the colors. I juz can't sacrifice the colors. Though, greyscale would definately look nice too? *hee~

I gotta say. At times, working part time for BIMP-EAGA Showcase 2006 is really fun. Like today, my brother mispelled a location name. From Tanjung Lipat to Tanjung Lipas (well can't blame him if "s" and "t" are that close? yeah rite?). We juz can't stop laughing. And he actually warned me if I posted this on my blog. Coz I'll definately post anything funny to this blog hahahahaha. *grins~

My bro is sick today. I guess it's the aircond at office. I was lucky coz I brought along my jacket. Well he didn't. He took medicine and went directly to bed. Poor thing. Well, get well soon or I won't have anyone to send me to work? Hahahah kidding kidding.

People people people, BIMP-EAGA Showcase 2006 is open to public from 9th - 12th November at 5th Floor, Palm Court, CentrePoint, Sabah. Do come. I'll be there, sticking stickers on you guys. Ohohohoh~ *crowd phobic. *sigh~ Sure I'm fine as long as my brother is there. I juz can't handle large crowd.


  1. Anonymous10:38 AM

    Too bad I wont be around at that period of time.

    9 - 16/12 - KL


    23 - 31/12 will be in KK.

  2. heck mas, my pc at home HD prob laaaaaaaaaaaaaa................. might lost all the data *sob!*

  3. Anonymous8:03 AM

    what is BIMP - EAGA anyway? the last time I heard that name (when I was in Likas Square) it's like the convention of... few countries come to KK and perform some culture dance from their country.

    Shed some light on me!

  4. alallala amy..noi!!!!! noi noi noi!!!! sedeynya..alah..u didn't do back up ka?

    saifulrizan: BIMP-EAGA stands for Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines - East Asean Growth Area

    Yeap, i think so, our office is here at trade centre. Though the showcase will be at centre point sabah and people from every country will showcase their product hee :D