Monday, October 09, 2006

I started going to work today. I can't drive though. So, my bro sent me instead. TQ! Hehehe. My bro ordered some figurines today. I asked him to get me this. Something from the pinky street collection? Well, I juz like it.

I'll be starting work at my bro's place starting tomorrow for 30 days. They're loaning me for some work. *hiks~ At least it would be easy for my bro. Since he won't need to drive 2 places. But totally wasted RM52.50 for unused parking sticker? Well, hopefully I can drive soon. Sometimes I feel guilty asking people to drive me around. Hee well I didn't as yet. But who knows maybe I will. See, I can walk but I can't run. Or maybe bend my legs that often. You know like those stuff where you have loose screw? Oh same case with my knee. Today I noticed that the toilet bowl at work is a bit low. I had to take my time to sit down slowly.

I still haven't get my bonus yet. *sigh~ come on! I wanna get camera hello?! I'm dying here.

Earlier the guy (who gonna make the company's organizational chart) came to take my photo. I told my boss earlier that I dun like my picture taken. My face would look really serious if people take a shot of me. *hiks~ Well can't blame me if I have a serious face ok? So, he asked me to stand but I told him I can't stand properly coz I sprained my knee. So, instead he took few shots while I was sitting. And owww, I had to put on the jacket >_<"


  1. kesian u mas... wah kerja pun pdai kena loan juga kah.....
    for parking i have to pay RM115.50 monthly :( last time in KK freeee all year round....

  2. punya mahal ur parking!!!!!

  3. tell u it is... RM5.25 perday :(

  4. damn's like my parking without a parking sticker thinggie. shite la