Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Celebrating mum's belated birthday:

me after dinner, trying out the new top (it's for Lyne but it's my size hahahahaha). oh and new camera. sorry for the blurry image. my hands are a bit weak and skills are a bit rusty hahahaha. umm me look fat?

I bought kitty litter box at a pet shop around Damai. Kitty litter box cost RM38. Scoop thinggie cost RM9 but discounted to er RM8. Eeee the fellow said Whiskers brand make kitty furr drop. I bought kitty fewd, small package for RM10. Total is RM56 >_<" dammit!

I'm sorry. I'm suppose to post and story about the dinner but I'm seriously sleepy. I only manage to resize and post 1 image only now. I'll post the others tomorrow if I could >_<" huargh~


  1. Celebrating your mums bday....

    Buying kitty litter box and cat food...

    Kasian your mom got daughter like you! :P

  2. wot? how come? hahahaha i gave her money liao mar :P

  3. hehehehe thanks..but not fond of the color >_<"