Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Uhhh...I dun feel so gewd. I woke up so many times coz of stomach ache. But I didn't really like wake up and go to the toilet till 5:16am. Ooo but I still feel crappy. Uhhh~~ this is why never ever and ever drink gas drink on a hari raya. Uhhhh~~~ gawd. I feel sick already. Urgh~


  1. Oh dear..stomach ache pulak, got take "poh chai pills" anot? Very good for stomach upset, you can get it from medical hall.

  2. oh gosh....... hope it wont last long.. i hate those stomach ache too..

  3. ahhhhhh i did i did. after awhile felt better but come back again at nite. *sigh. too sick maybe. then today i think too much gas oh.

    amy yeah too much gas definately. no worries. i won't wanna blow myself up for not farting hahahaha *rofl kidding kidding